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Dolby Atmos (for Home Theatre) : Opinions of How It Affects Us—Here
August 11, 2014
My understanding is that Atmos isn't intended to be used for concert style music or general ambiance, rather for sound effects (a door closes, a car drives by, etc). Up to 118 sounds can be played at one time each with its own 3D position, and they are independent of channel count. These sounds are added on top of the base 5.1/7.1/9.1 audio. All ... more
January 26, 2013
Pre-emphasis is the most successful CD copy protection method ever devised, since 99% of ripped pre-emph CDs are being played wrong. :-) ... more
Universal player with DSD out
February 22, 2012
Yes, but you need MLP compression which is not supplied with free/cheap DVD-A authoring software. ... more
[OT] On compression and clipping
June 30, 2011
The benefit of the DSD dynamic range is simply that the recording process doesn't add its own noise. It has nothing to do with reproducing recordings with a 120db range - such a thing would not be music and it would damage your ears if you could reproduce it. Think jet engine. ... more
BluRay Audio ????
January 31, 2011
Thanks, that makes my point. Ripping a BluRay requires specialized (and illegal in the U.S.) software and a large amount of manual labor to create and name individual tracks. Another benefit to including files besides ease of use is that you aren't limited to the audio formats that BluRay supports. No need to convert 88.2K to 96K, for example. ... more