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Biber The Rosary Sonatas - BIS
September 13, 2015
Excellent performance and sound on the first disc. Unfortunately I can't listen to the second disc. The fixing is so tight that even with trying to get it out very, very carefully the disc cracked. This is the first time this has happened to me in over 3,000 discs! Just thought I would warn others! ... more
New site up
August 19, 2015
With the greatest respect Chris and AmonRa what an earth has this discussion, interesting that it is, to do with this thread which is about the new site? Maybe, just maybe, it is going off topic like this that makes the prospect of a forum on the new site more and more a remote possibility. Why can't you start a new thread for your discussion? ... more
Beethoven's violin concerto
June 7, 2015
It's unfortunate that both the Oistrakh and Mullova/Gardiner recommendations are £140 each. Certainly outside my budget!!! ... more
Discussion: Mendelssohn: String Quartets, Vol. I - Escher Quartet
May 19, 2015
Well Robert, some of us buy your SACDs by the proverbial bucket load. When I look at my CD collection (about 3,000) the black spines shine out very nicely. When I look at my SACD collection (550) there does seem to be a majority of those black spines! Not quite sure how you juggle the finances to produce 60+ SACDs a year and year after year but I ... more
Discussion: Mahler: Symphony No. 9 - Fischer
May 11, 2015
Many thanks for the link. Interesting. ... more