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  Universal (Japan) -
  Free: Free
Track listing:
  1. I'll Be Creepin
2. Songs Of Yesterday
3. Lying In The Sunshine
4. Trouble On Double Time
5. Mouthful Of Grass
6. Woman
7. Free Me
8. Broad Daylight
9. Mourning Sad Morning
10. Broad Daylight [Single Version]
11. The Worm [Single Version]
12. I'll Be Creepin' [Single Version]
13. Sugar For Mr. Morrison [Single Version]
  Single Layer
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Recording info:

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Submitted by maddrocker
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Review by analogue September 6, 2014
Performance:   Sonics:
This latest Free release has even better sonics than the Tons of sobs shm sacd....which sounded really good. As an album I prefer it to the previous release also. There are 4 bonus tracks here in mono. Two from the albums as singles and two that are not on the album. The 9 tracks that are from the original album are in stereo and have superb sound.

Free, at this juncture in time was considered a hard rock and blues band similar to Cream. With this album they get down and gritty but never really super hard in any way. In addition they slow the tempo down on almost half the album and this is a treat. There is some very realistic drumming at the end of track 2. Little accents here and there throughout the album make this a great listen.

The sound is glorious and extremely analogue. There is a liquidity and transparency that is tremendous..especially when the volume is increased. The sound is very natural, open, airy, organic and has that pleasing tone we all love to hear. Good recording for sure. I got the distinct impression of being in the studio while I listened to this sacd.

This is not an audiophile recording like Pink Floyd or Steely Dan. This is a tad gritty and raw but perfectly captured in the recording. It sounded so natural I was entranced for the entire nine tracks. The mono singles are not as good as they are copies of the masters and edited sown to make the singles.

Great mastering but no notes on who did the work. To bad.... he deserves credit.

Highly recommended with no reservations.

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