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  Audio Fidelity -
  AFZ 175
  Eric Clapton: Behind The Sun
  Eric Clapton
Track listing:
  1. She's Waiting
2. See What Love Can Do
3. Same Old Blues
4. Knock On Wood
5. Something's Happening
6. Forever Man
7. It All Depends
8. Tangled In Love
9. Never Make You Cry
10. Just Like A Prisoner
11. Behind The Sun
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Recording info:

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Submitted by MacClaus
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Review by audiogirl April 8, 2014 (6 of 18 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
This album sucks, but after listening a second time I bumped the sonics. Sound quality is good given the drenched 80's sound.

Take this review with a grain of salt since I really cannot stand this album. I gave it a chance.

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Review by bru87tr April 5, 2014 (5 of 9 found this review helpful)
The SACD and redbook layer of the AF both beat the regular cd. AF took that processed sound out of the recording. I always thought the original CD sounded great and surprised AF made it sound better. The redbook layer of the AF is very similar to the regular CD, but the AF redbook mids are way better and compared to the regular cd, makes it sound muffled although it isn't. Equal volume you will think they are similar, but the AF has much better mids and the dynamics sound way better. You would think you are right there during the recording, where the regular cd sounds less life like compared and processed. The AF sounds alive, the vocals are crisp and the bass much better with more presence.

The SACD layer, wow the vocals are still crispy, but sound more smooth compared to the redbook layer. The bass is tight and mids a bit less pronounced than the redbook layer, but still great. I am very surprised the SACD is so smooth. I was expecting the vocals on the SACD to be bright, but man I can't believe they are even better than the redbook layer of the SACD.

Not sure if the last review was rating the recording performance or the actual sonics, but this one is a winner if you are a fan of the album.

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Review by Audio Ed April 4, 2014 (5 of 9 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
This is just a mediocre SACD in both the sound and performance category. There seems to be no real spark at all. The playing is fine but no sense of fun or passion seems to exist. It is like this was a contractual obligation. Great musicians doing less than great work. I was hoping for much more. Journeyman comes out in May 2014 so lets hope that it is better.

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