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  Universal (Japan) -
  Supertramp: Breakfast in America
  Breakfast in America

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  Single Layer
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Review by analogue December 3, 2013 (13 of 15 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
It took awhile but finally one of the great 70's rock albums gets the sacd treatment and its even better on Shm Sacd. This disc was on many peoples wish lists.

I can imagine that this disc might not sound perfect on everyone's systems. Given the wide opinions online about the shm sacd's I would suspect that some listeners might squabble about sound quality. If your system allows it......I can promise you that this new sacd is awesome in virtually every way.

First a note about the packaging. We buyers of physical formats need space and while I love the new box packaging its also slightly taller and certainly much wider that the previous container. So be will need lots of space if you buy a few more newer Shm Sacds. That said I do indeed love the packaging. Both inside and outside this box its gorgeous.

This is a great classic album to release. There is not a weak track to be had and at least four songs are still played over the radio after all these years.

Sound: I needed to play this disc several times before I could really hear whats on this disc. Once broken in I notice that there is some serious dynamic range to be had. This sacd is very powerful during cresendos in the best sort of way. We are not talking compression here.....just gorgeous sound. Low end feel..........sound stage, vocals.its all great. The treble is present but certainly not overbearing. Not much tape hiss to be heard which points to the source used. A very good recording too. I do not believe any noise reduction was used.
Just listening to those very deep piano chords at the beginning of Take the long way;ll know what I mean. I was shocked and couldn't believe what I was hearing. Talk about drama.
If I wanted to get really picky I might mention that its a flat transfer and there might be times...I said MIGHT.... where you may notice a slightly different mixing. actually no mixing at all. Since the late 70's we have heard this album sounding how it was mixed by the studio techs so there might be a few instances where you will sort of stop your listening and sort of ponder that something didn't exactly sound the way you were accustomed to it sounding.Most flat transfers are perfect but occasionally there are problems on some discs. I mention this only as a secondary opinion to my own listening. It was not much of a distraction to me. To make a long story short....this is a superb sounding shm sacd of a great album. To hear it sound this good was sort of a surprise to me. The tape source and sound was very pristine. And as I mentioned earlier...the dynamic power this recording has is very impressive. If you play it really loud......and you will be in audio nirvana.

Highly recommended and an essential classic rock sacd to own made all the more impressive as an Shm Sacd. DOnt know if this disc can ever be bettered unless we get to higher Dsd sampling rates.

Excellent job Mr. Sokol.

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Review by Philip Parris December 9, 2013 (5 of 5 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Listening to this SACD now, and I can certainly confirm everyone elseís glowing plaudits. Iíll likely listen again tomorrow to verify my initial findings, but at first blush, this is, without reservation, the finest-sounding version of ďBreakfast in AmericaĒ Iíve ever heard. The word that pops immediately to mind is COMPLETE. Everything is thereótons of information, deep low end, smooth top, gorgeous mids, terrific dynamicsóbut all in their proper proportion and perfectly linear in a way Iíve never quite experienced before. There is ZERO sense of anything being forced; I know this might come across as hyperbole, and perhaps it is, but the music here flows like a sugary avalanche right into oneís ears! Itís truly a masterful job by the engineers.

That said, and I may be imagining things, the mix sounds different, especially on the title track. There are little details that I donít remember hearing in the past, as well as some things that simply seem to be GONE from the song on this SACD. Iíll have to listen a few more times, but thatís my initial impression. Iím not grousing, mind you, but it is a little jarring to hear a song youíve been listening to for 30+ years sound so DIFFERENT.

Overall, IMHO, this is easily the best Iíve heard this landmark record sound in my system, and Iíve owned quite a few different pressings on both CD and LP over the years, including the MFSL. Yes, it needs some volume to truly come alive, but thatís not necessarily a bad thingóunless, of course, your neighbors are the crotchety sort who hate ďthat confounded rock ní roll!Ē This is, simply, one of the finest pop/rock SACDs Iíve heard in many a moon. If you have ANY interest in ďBreakfast in America,Ē and have SACD capability, this SHM-SACD deserves your fullest attention.

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Review by Marcusmartin December 2, 2013 (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Listened 3 times this freshly received long awaiting shm sacd. And a pleasant surprise which once again confirms for me the unparallel superiority of DSD ! This materpiece (at least for supertramp fans) has now the pressing it deserves. Compared to my re redbook CDs this one is sonically THE one to have (I do not have the MFSL pressing) : everything is there, with this analog feeling that only DSD can digitally reproduce (what about a comparison to the vinyl pressing ?). Dynamics, low and high ends are clearly there, soundstage is huge, instruments well seperated, and voices are natural. What about the same kind of transfer for Crime of the century ? ( the MFSL is good but sure DSD transfer will be better). I have around 500 SACDs , and this one is one of my best stereo one.
If you are a fan of this album, take this pressing and you will not be disapointed.

Listening system : Denon A1UD decoding, in pure direct mode, with analog cabling with Nordost Red dawn, to a CREEK EVO 2 amp driving ELIPSON prestige 4 speakers.

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