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  Mobile Fidelity -
  UDSACD 2130
  Love: Da Capo
  1. Stephanie Knows Who
2. Orange Skies
3. Que Vida!
4. Seven & Seven Is
5. The Castle
6. She Comes In Colors
7. Revelation

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Review by analogue August 20, 2013 (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
If you like 60's pop/rock with a touch of psychedelia this might interest you. Their follow up album is considered one of the great classics of all time but this disc is not as interesting.
The lead songwriter was unfortunately a very private and paranoid fellow and the group simply withered on the vine. most UNFORTUNATE CONSIDERING THEY WERE IMMENSELY TALENTED.

Love was a group that tapped into the 60;s L.A. counter culture and wrote and played music with both a sweet yet dangerous undercurrent. They are a difficult band to adequately describe using the English language.

This particular album is a good release and with a listen. I divide it in two parts. The 1st 6 tracks which are only adequate and the last track which is killer.
It has good guitar and flute work. The bass is not as powerful as Id like and the low end suffers a tad.

If Mofi releases their next affair ;FOREVER CHANGES"..IT WOULD BE AMAZING. The actual recording is decent but not spectacular save the last track which is a magnificent 18 and a half minute vocal/ jam/instrumental. While the rest of the album is only decently recorded this last track sports excellent sonics and will thrill anyone provided the volume level is raised accordingly.

The bast way to describe the Dsd sound is to say that its balanced but unspectacular. Its the recording and not the mastering. The last track more than makes up for any inconsistencies.

Recommended and a good album release.
I hope Mofi releases their next album.

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