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  Geffen -
  Peter Gabriel: Security

Peter Gabriel
Track listing:
  1. The Rhythm Of The Heat
2. San Jacinto
3. I Have The Touch
4. The Family And The Fishing Net
5. Shock The Monkey
6. Lay Your Hands On Me
7. Wallflower
8. Kiss Of Life
  Single Layer
Recording type:
Recording info:
  Released as a Hybrid by Virgin in Europe.

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Reviews: 3

Review by BigTony June 25, 2008 (10 of 10 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
This was the first CD I ever heard. I went with a friend into a HiFi shop, and they were demoing new CD players (Marantz) and they had this disc. I was blown away with the sound, and it has been a favourite of mine ever since.

Turn the clock forward: This was one of the first SACD's I bought, to try and relight the magic of hearing this disc in the 80's. And after a few false starts (seting up my system) I finally heard what had always been in my memory (and we know how hard is it to capture youthful memories). It had that same attack and aggression, multilayers of sound competing for space - but now on SACD there is room for everything to 'pop-out'. The sound balance is superbe, the detail is fantastic, the instruments just flow with the sound. Its a very percussive album, both drum machine and drummer, and they are exquiste here, always clear and precise. Comparing to the CD, that just sounds 'flat'.

Back in the 80's I bought the LP (it was quite a few years before I could afford a CD player) and I was always dissapointed that the LP never sounded like the CD, and now the SACD sounds exactly like my memories of that first time. And we all know memories are priceless.

This SACD can be bought for silly money (half what I paid for the CD infact!) and if you want a punt on a new music experience, then go out and buy it. Remember this is not like any Peter Gabriel you've heard on the radio, this is the 'masterpiece'.


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Review by progboy February 6, 2011 (5 of 5 found this review helpful)
Peter Gabriel's Security on SACD is simply outstanding. I have been a huge fan of Genesis and of the Gabs for a long time and "security" was one of my highschool love affairs ! I owned this on vinyl and CD and now on SACD.

I have been totally taken back by the quality of this SACD mastering and I only wished all SACD's were so carefully done. This album is very percussive and deep and rich in textures and moods and makes for a perfect listening experience.

If i recall the original master of this recording was pure digital (one of the first of its time) and without question this SACD brings out things I have honestly never heard before.

The bummer is that the market prices on thsi sacd are riddiculous and if you can find for a good price then definitely pick it up....

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Review by pabu July 27, 2007 (3 of 4 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Listen to "wall flower" and "san jacinto" and you'll appreciate the great qualiy of this sacd : emotion...

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