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  Universal (Japan) -
  Black Sabbath: Black Sabbath
  "Black Sabbath"

Black Sabbath
Track listing:
  1. Black Sabbath
2. The Wizard
3. Behind the Wall of Sleep
4. N.I.B.
5. Evil Woman
6. Sleeping Village
7. Warning
  Single Layer
Recording type:
Recording info:

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Submitted by MacClaus
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Review by analogue August 5, 2012 (9 of 9 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
I just love to be surprised by sacd titles. I hoped for the best when I ordered this shm sacd of Black Sabbath's first titled album. The sound
quality regarding these Black Sabbath discs are all over the place. Paranoid was amazing as was Heaven and Hell. But the other sacd releases left something to be desired. Consistency IN SOUND QUALITY is not one of their virtues Im aFRAID.
This new shm sacd is simply astounding in every way. From the sound effects that open up the first track to the vocals that accompany it.............I was totally blown away. The jamming and the particular mood that these guys create is captured perfectly. In fact they really are very good musicians regardless of their genre.

If you own the Paranoid shm sacd this disc competes with that one in sound quality. I simply cannot believe a 42 year old recording sounds this good. Obviously the original masters are in great CONDITION and the original recording is tremendously good for a rock album. And lets give the mastering tech some credit here too. The sound on this sacd is magnificent.

I wont over indulge in the review department but will simply describe what I am hearing.
The vocals, the instruments and the soundstage............the sheer presence of real musicians occupy every second of this disc. The title song Black Sabbath sound so frighteningly powerful and full of doom....with Ozzie's voice simply pleading for It actually cracks. Amazing sound quality. Every track sounds fantastic and musical.

This disc embodies all of the individual characteristics that we music lovers want in our purchases. Especially when we pay serious coin for our sacd's. It has great low end with bass and drums and a luscious mid range that has great 3 dimensional power.

Thankfully tape hiss is present and is always a great thing. The upper treble regions are full of life and sparkle. The bottom end..bass and drums are gorgeous. The guitar playing and sound is particularly impressive and tonally accurate. Ozzie's vocals are simply life like and realistic. this is Sabbath's first album and it sound incredible on Shm Sacd.

This is a fantastic shm sacd release of a great classic rock album. If you love Sabbath get this disc. Its worth every penny I paid for sound quality this great.

Highly recommended and a great mastering job.

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Review by Quint August 22, 2013 (4 of 4 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
To be truthful, I held off on purchasing this self-titled debut and “Heaven and Hell” because of decidedly mixed reviews on other forums. But, in the end, I had collected all the others in the series, and was over the moon about those, so I decided to pull the trigger and fill in the last two gaps in my collection.

Was it worth the $60.00 I paid for S/T? Well, yes and no. I still think the two-CD Deluxe remaster that Andy Pearce did a few years ago is simply stunning—not just “for redbook” (a common qualifier on these kinds of forums), but stunning PERIOD. I knew the SACD, no matter how some raved about it, was gonna have a hard act to follow. And it did.

But I’m happy to report, however, that this SHM-SACD is leagues from being a flop. Overall, it’s very well done, and has a little more detail (particularly on Bill Ward’s drums) and captures the studio ambience a bit better than the Deluxe. Both have great dynamics. Tonally, it surprisingly sounds just a hair LEANER than the redbook, but the difference is rather small and is probably system- and listener-dependent more than anything. The “in-the-room” feel of the recording is fantastic with the Deluxe, but it might be even a little better yet on this SACD.

So the million dollar question is, is this SACD a big enough upgrade to justify the expense over the Deluxe? Depends on how huge of a Sabbath fan you are, I guess. I put it off for a long time, but finally caved, honestly more out of a desire to complete the series than out of any confidence that it was gonna be a significant upgrade. Which it isn’t—at least to me. But it is more than good enough, and just different enough in a couple of key areas, to justify keeping.

If you’re more a casual fan and don’t consider yourself an OCD-addled audiophile, then buy the Deluxe without hesitation. You will NOT be disappointed. But if you’re a Sabbath fanatic and a have a good SACD player, and want that last one tenth of one percent, then pick this SACD up before the prices climb markedly higher.

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Review by katabatic February 23, 2013 (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
This is the third SHM SACD I have bought. It arrived from Japan this morning. My regular postman Eric handed it to me.

It is now 9:30 pm GMT, and I have just played the disc for the first time. My heart is pounding and I need another drink after listening to all fourteen minutes plus of ‘Sleeping Village/Warning’ (sorry, neighbours!). Hard to reconcile the fact that this was originally released here in the UK forty three years ago……….

Like the other SHM SACDs I have (Caravan – Land of Grey and Pink, and 10cc – Original Soundtrack) it may be a little ‘hot’, bright even, for some: there is a hell of a lot of treble energy here (and bass to match)! Some will baulk at the price, but like a genuine antique or quality single malt it is worth the expense if you want the ultimate formulation of something dear to your heart.

In short, a record that changed music for ever. Enjoy.

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