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  Mobile Fidelity -
  UDSACD 2051
  Foreigner: Double Vision
  "Double Vision"

Track listing:
  1. Hot Blooded
2. Blue Morning, Blue Day
3. You're All I Am
4. Back Where You Belong
5. Love Has Taken Its Toll
6. Double Vision
7. Tramontane
8. I Have Waited So Long
9. Lonely Children
10. Spellbinder
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Recording info:

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Review by analogue February 9, 2012 (4 of 4 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
It took a while for this disc to be released but finally was able to listen to it recently. This second Mofi sacd is a solid follow up to the first Foreigner disc released some time ago. The second album features three solid radio singles that are famous the world over.

I was a fan of the first sacd by Mofi but this disc might actually sound a little better by a small margin. Whether or not this is due to the actual recording or simply Mofi mixing the tracks differently than their norm...I cannot say. But I feel that for one or two strong reasons this sacd is a slightly better listen.

The first thing I noticed off the bat was that the vocals are more closer to the listener.....more pronounced and since Gramm has such a great voice this is the way it should be. As long as Ive listened to Foreigner over the years Gramm's voice was never pushed into the mix but always present.

The other quality I noticed was a sort of rounder edge to the songs. The first disc was perhaps crisper and more detailed but this one is more inviting and warmer. Also I noticed little details here and there that I never noticed before like Jones fingers gliding over the guitar strings and background details behind the regular mixes.

The first track Hot blooded starts this sacd off very well. It is very dynamic and powerful and Gramms voice is very nice. I suspect that Mofi is mixing their sacd's now rather than leaving their usual flat mixes. I have mentioned that flat transfers work for all other company's but not Mofi. So good for them for trying to make some new changes that might better their sacd quality.

I was also surprised that Gramms voice is double tracked during some portions of Double Vision. Never noticed this before.

The loudest and richest cut is an instrumental which features nice keyboards and guitar work. Its quite lush but then again their are no vocals to mix into the song. Its dynamic and features a nice soundstage.

Blue Morning is another very nice track. Nice bass and drums. Vocals are nicely rendered and the track sounds full and rich. This disc is much warmer than the first one for sure.
There are also several tracks on this album where Gramm does not sing the lead vocals. I like the change but the other singer cannot compare to Gramm..lets be honest.

Spellbinder, the last track is excellent with terrific Gramm vocals.

In summation this sacd is ever so slightly better than the first sacd in my opinion and on my system. Perhaps Mofi is mixing differently now. Thankfully. This sacd is by no means perfect. It could have a little more air in the music and there are still some porions that are ever so slighly flat but if you play it loudly it really does sound very, very good.

Good job Mofi.


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Review by progboy March 20, 2012 (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Double Vision was the second album album released by Foreigner and although IMHO not quite as magical as their debut album this is a great rock album. Ian McDonald (ex King Crimson) was still with Foreigner on this album and the Lou Gramm / Mick Jones combo is spot on! I think everyone knows "Hot Blooded" and "Double Vision" from the 70's! These were vintage roller rink tunes for me in my day.

Ok enough of this how about the sound on the MOFI SACD you ask ? Well in my opinion I think this is a brilliant master to SACD and for me is on par sonically with the debut Foreigner album released on MoFi. The sound is nice and clear with some excellent speaker separation and wide dynamics. In fact my wife who is a fan of Foreigner too sat with me and as we listened to this album and commented on the full and rich sound quality.

The instrumental track "Tramontane" is absolutely brilliant when played at a nice full volume....a haunting little tune with some great instrumentation !

I love this disc and another winner from Mofi.

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Review by sonnysin168 December 21, 2011 (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Very good sound quality overall. Smooth vocals, substantial and firm bass, exciting guitar licks, catchy melodies and excellent vocal harmonies.

I think there are at least two tracks that have more upfront vocals compared to other tracks, one of which is the first track Hot Blooded (actually the catchiest tune here)but doesn't really bother me much as I tend to look for the overall picture. And that overall picture shows that this is a wonderful album, rich, nice details, a little on the warm side of neutral. The bass is just right: tight and defined (as opposed to the huge bass on the Warner Japan sacd release "4"). Guitar licks are alive and exciting.

I don't know if they are just maximizing their revenue or just plain lazy to do so but they didn't include any booklet/liner notes in this release. I emailed musicdirect and they confirmed that there is NO booklet. A letdown for a premium priced product.

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