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  Mobile Fidelity -
  UDSACD 2062
  Billy Joel: Piano Man
  "Piano Man"

Billy Joel
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Review by Saturn94 April 21, 2011 (4 of 4 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Compared to the CD version I own, this SACD is a step up in mastering/audio quality. Unlike the other reviewers, I didn't particularly notice a lack of bass. Considering its age, it sounded pretty balanced, IMO. While this release shows the limitations of the original recording, I would certainly recommend this SACD to any fan of this artist/album as it represents the best this album has sounded.

It's too bad Mobile Fidelity didn't release a multichannel version like "The Stranger"; an excellent example of multichannel done right.

While Mofi did a great job of mastering, packaging was major disappointment. Instead of a CD jewel case, it came in a cheap cardboard sleeve that exposes the disc and artwork to potential damage. This type of cheap packaging is what I would expect from a free demo disc, but not from MoFi (at premium prices). MoFi should be ashamed of this!

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Review by analogue April 26, 2011 (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
With Mobile Fidelity there is a good chance that all music lovers are taking chances with the quality of the disc.

Mofi does not tweak or tinker with the tapes and its for this reason that many listeners are a tad disgruntled. Mofi gives you warts and all. There has to be a certain amount of acceptance on the purchasers part.

Some discs like their recent Foreigner or Blood Sweat and Tears releases were awesome while their Ray Charles was a let down. With Mofi you take a chance....always.

So now we come to this new Billy Joel sacd which was transferred from the original tapes at the correct speed for the first time ever. Sonically it is a solid release. However the original recording.whether its the studio used or the recording process.........has its problems and limitations. These limitations are most assuredly heard on the disc.

Musically the album is terrific with bold statements by Mr. Joel. It features good songwriting and his talent is undeniable.

You're my home is very nice.....a solid track but where is the bass in Stop in Nevada??

Essentially I find the bass reserved and the drums lacking a certain punch. Especially the bass drum.
But to be truthful..the quality issues are more from a track to track scenario and not a blanket statement that encompasses the entire album or every single track. Some tracks are very nice actually. It's a mixed bag.

Piano Man is the outstanding track on the album. Joels voice is full and rich.his piano clangs quite nicely. All in all the best track. Captain Jack is decent enough but the chorus seems a little clipped to me. Again.......its gotta be the recording.

Although I hate to compare sacd to cd as the former is so superior in every way.......when you listen to the cd mastering it is very apparent that the engineer tweaked the hell out of the tapes.

In parting Joels voice is quite nice as is his piano on this disc. I guess the entire recording could be fuller...lusher.....more rich. But all in all it is a very solid transfer and most enjoyable.

I would recommend the purchase on Amazon for about 22 bucks.

Good job from Mofi. A solid 4 on my scale.

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Review by Eyolf December 9, 2011 (2 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
I just got the brand new Sony Legacy version of this album. Holy crap, what s difference in sound. The Mofi is a disaster compared. From the Ron Tutt drumming intro, it is clear that all clarity, sparkle, dynamics, bass, etc, is compleatly LOST on the Mofi. The Sony is so much better sounding that I can hardly belive it. I have no doubt that Mofi must have inferior gear and a sound taste that I just don't get. I have hardly heard a flatter sounding disc than this Mofi. Now if one had only heard the Mofi, one would think that hey, the master is so bad that you can not get it to sound good. Luckily that is nor the case. The Mofi= triple the price of the Sony, and for nothing. Great album however by a great artist.

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