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  UDSACD 2063
  Billy Joel: Turnstiles

Billy Joel
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Reviews: 3

Review by analogue April 26, 2011 (4 of 4 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
I had high hopes for this Joel release. But sonically it is very inferior to the Piano Man sacd.

Again the original recording is at fault here. I found the sound very dry with no decay to the end notes. Again ......track by track the quality is all over the place. And I noticed a bit of crackly tape hiss. Tape damage????

The first track.....Say goodbye to Hollywood statts the sacd off on a bad sounds muffled like it was recorded behind blankets.

Then track two....sounds much better.....Summer Highland Falls and is very nice sounding.

New York State of Mind was an enormous letdown. Joels voice actually wavers ever so slightly. The drums and bass are so far away that i WONDER WHERE THEY ARE. This is a situation where the added resolution of sacd cant help a terrible recording. The cd sounds better to my ears even though they tinkered with it.

To my ears the best track by far is James. Joels voice and the electric key board are beautifully rendered. It actually blooms and has great warmth.

I find this to be a disjointed recording. There are only two or three stand out tracks on this sacd.

Not recommended. Its very frustrating to listen to this sacd.

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Review by Saturn94 April 23, 2011 (1 of 2 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
MoFi did a great job mastering this stereo SACD. This is the best I've heard Turnstiles sound. I wish there were a multichannel version on par with "The Stranger" (one of my favorite multichannel SACDs). IMO, this sounds better than the recently released SACD of "Piano Man". Perhaps the master tapes were just better?

Unfortunately, just like "Piano Man", "Turnstiles" also came in a cheap cardboard sleeve. I don't understand why MoFi cheaped out so bad on the packaging considering the cost and "Limited Edition" status.

Packaging concerns aside, I highly recommend this SACD to any Billy Joel fan.

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Review by rammiepie April 22, 2011 (1 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
In three little words: an unequivocal success. IMO, this 1976 Billy Joel mainstay has never sounded better. Bass is tight, vocals are well placed and New York State of Mind has never sounded so dynamic. There is only an ever so slight amount of background hiss which tells me that MoFi has indeed accessed the original master tapes from SONY.

In three little words (again): Very Highly recommended!

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