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  Universal (Japan) -
  Rainbow: Long Live Rock 'n' Roll
  "Long Live Rock 'n' Roll"

Track listing:
  Single Layer
Recording type:
Recording info:
  Previously released as UIGY-9040

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Review by tedsrecords July 6, 2011 (4 of 4 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Hi, I have never posted before. This is one of my all time favorite albums. I read the review above and it seems the poster has forgotten or does not know that this album originally had "no bass" sound. It was a poorly mixed/pressed album. It seems something went wrong when the master tape was made which was sent to all the record companies all around the world to press their countries release. This SACD was remastered from the original 1978 Japanese master tapes. It's not remixed. It was released on SACD the way it was supposed to be, sounding just like the 1978 Japanese vinyl. Therefore this is the ultimate release.

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Review by Bear72 January 8, 2011 (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
When I saw this was to be released on the new all-singing all-dancing SHM SACD format I did get myself all excited. Not because I am a ravening Rainbow or RJD fanatic, but because my tastes have started broadening to include 70s hard rock. While I am a novice reviewer, my thoughts on this release are that it is a terrifically dynamic transfer, and the mix is excellent, with one seemingly glaring exception- where's the bass?? In contrast to the same release of Black Sabbaths' "Paranoid", this one simply does not have the impact I feel it needs. Bass lines can be clearly heard, as can the lower toms and kick drum, but they are very quiet. Perhaps a VERY light handed remastering should have been employed, but I understand this may go against the grain of the "flat transfer from master tapes" philosophy.

A good release nonetheless, and here's hoping we see more!

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Review by Marpow May 1, 2015 (0 of 1 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Rainbow: Long Live Rock 'n' Roll SHM SACD Stereo

Quick Facts: Rainbow's third studio album originally released in 1978. This SHM SACD released/reissued 11-26-2014. The last Rainbow album for Ronnie James Dio.

Performance: Of the three SHM SACD discs this one is my favorite. Grew up on this disc with the iconic artwork cover. Three of some of my favorite musicians Blackmore, Dio and the famous rock drummer Cozy Powell. This disc has forever classic rock favorites and the most beautiful Rainbow Eyes as the last track and the showcase tune for the sonic glory of this disc.

Stereo Sonics: I, having listened to many SHM SACD's of early guitar rock music, 60's and 70's find these Rainbow discs undeniably the best of. The music just comes across beautifully, wide and deep stereo separation, room filling. I listened at 69 decibels, which is very important to consider. Most discs of this era/genre need to be listened to loud. This disc does not need to be listened to loud to have a good sonic experience. This disc is exactly how you would want it to be.

Packaging: Plastic jewel case. Green ink disc. Original liner notes and photo. Did you know the photo is actually of a Rush concert and the banner was redone, cool fact. Mini paper black and white Japanese booklet with commentary dated 1978. English lyrics.

Really great SHM SACD and I, unlike others, do not try to influence others with recommendations feeling more comfortable with just explaining my experience.
That said, this disc I highly recommend and am very glad to own it.

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