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  Audioquest Music -
  AQ 1057 SACD
  Terry Evans: Mississippi Magic
  "Mississippi Magic"

Terry Evans (vocals and acoustic guitar)
Jesse Samsel (guitar)
Jeff Alviani (piano, Hammond B3, Wurlitzer elect. piano)
Kenny Dew (bass)
Phil Bloch (drums)
Ray Williams (vocals)
Willie Green Jr. (vocals)
Jorge Calderon (acoustic guitar)
John "Juke" Logan (harmonica)
David Woodford (tenor and baritone sax)
Brian Zsupnik (percussion)
Track listing:
  1. Big Bad Daddy Good (J.C. Parsons)
2. Where The Southern Crosses The Dog (Hans Theessink)
3. Iíd Rather Trick My Own Self (Evans, Samsel, Alvani, Bloch & Dew)
4. Donít Let The Green Grass Fool You (Akines, Bellman, Drayton, Turner)
5. Blues & Wine (J.C. Parsons)
6. I Want To Love You (Terry Evans)
7. Mellow Down Easy (Willie Dixon)
8. Let Love Begin (Terry Evans)
9. You Better Get Your Shit Together (Terry Evans)
10. Where We Gonna Go (Terry Evans)
Recording type:
Recording info:
  Produced by: Joe Harley
Recorded and Mixed by: Michael C. Ross at OceanWay Recording, Hollywood, CA, November 9-12, 2000

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Review by Marpow July 18, 2015 (3 of 5 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Terry Evans: Mississippi Magic Hybrid SACD Stereo Only.

I thought I would do a little collection of reviews for the 9 AudioQuest (the cable company) Hybrid SACD Blues discs.

Forgive me in advance as I already know these reviews will be a little redundant. I have listened to half of them and they are all a big WOW in a good way. I will try to make my reviews interesting.

Quick Facts: Released in 2000 by AudioQuest music, Valley Entertainment, now Sledgehammer Music. 10 tracks. Terry Evans must be an audiophile as he has recorded with high end company's including Telarc. Terry was born in 1937, Vicksburg, Mississippi. Terry Evans should be considered primarily as a vocalist, but he does play acoustic guitar on this disc. Mississippi Magic was nominated for Best Soul Blues Album Of The Year in 2001 at The Blues Music Awards.

Performance: Easy going, soulful, gospel and of course Delta blues style. Eight musicians and two vocalists accompany him on this disc. All musicians get there solos in, including organ, harmonica, guitar, piano and guitar. Very cohesive group with a big a Capella sound. I really like the easy going Delta Blues sound to this disc, unlike say Chicago Blues it does not have that heavy sound. Music lyrics are of the love theme, man/woman.

Stereo Sonics: All these 9 discs are high end audiophile discs recorded with the audiophile in mind. This disc has a sound stage that is wide and exceptional depth. I listened at 73.5 decibles, 88.2Khz. The clarity of the recording is exceptional, vocals, drums and piano are the stars. Vocals and solos are always center. However many times the solos go the full stereo width of the sound stage, never narrow. Bass is perfect, nothing overpowers the other. I don't want to just continue with a bunch of adjectives, you get the point, a sonic beauty.

Packaging: This is where you will have some fun, I wish other company's would follow suit. All recording details are printed, date, machines used, tape used, microphones used, all inclusive. There is also an insert included giving information about RBCD vs DSD recording, etc.

If you like to listen to music, recorded exceptionally by an artist that you are unfamiliar with this disc is perfect for you, as it was for me.

I hope my review was helpful, if not tell me why via email so I can learn from you.

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