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  4AD -
  SADCD 2712
  Dead Can Dance: Toward the Within
  "Toward the Within"

Dead Can Dance
Track listing:
  1. Rakim
2. Persian Love Song
3. Desert Song
4. Yulunga (Spirit Dance)
5. Piece For Solo Flute
6. The Wind That Shakes The Barley
7. I Am Stretched On Your Grave
8. I Can See Now
9. American Dreaming
10. Cantara
11. Song Of The Sibyl
12. Tristan
13. Sanvean
14. Donít Fade Away
Recording type:
Recording info:

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Reviews: 2

Review by progboy December 18, 2012
Performance:   Sonics:
I will never forget the first time hearing this live recording ........i picked it up from a delete bin a long time ago knowing very little about this extra special foward about 9 months ago my best and I were driving in his car from Montreal to Toronto listening carefully to this album and both marvelling at its beauty!

Well.....i decided to shell out for the sacd after all..........well.....i just had to ! You know .........

For those familiar with dead can dance can only imagine just how good this sounds...........4AD label on steroids

For those less familiar you need to buy this SACD..........likely the best live sound i have ever heard........seriously......

Lisa Gerrard's multi-cultural voice juxtaposed Against Brendan Perry's deep baratoned vox in a full live setting makes this an album you can't miss. It truely is an experience Album you live as you listen to..........

Sonically this album is a ten out of ten for my ears....deep bass and rich multi-varied sounds....with atmospheres that you will only ever hear here.....

What is amazing is that this "Hall of sound" was recorded live and not in the studio.

Dead Can Dance are a very percussive band and this SACD plays like you are somewhere in the Sahara listening to drums and percussion right in front of you.......

The regular rbcd and vinyl are excellent too...i have them all.......but the SACD is the tops for me.........


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Review by analogue October 28, 2011
Performance:   Sonics:
This marks one of the final Dead Can Dance albums to be released before the group split up.

The first DEAD CAN DANCE SACD'S (RECORDINGS ) were a little primitive and not as good technically as their future albums would be. But with each subsequent album they got better and better. I cant say that their entire catalogue sounds as good as the discs I am reviewing. But Toward the Within is incredible.

This is also a live recording and it is a killer that features amazingly life like sound. If it wasnt for the clapping as soon as the disc opens I would not have known it was a live recording at all. I would be so bold as to say they sound as good live as they do in the studio. No doubt about it....this band got better and better not just as musicians but as technicians of recorded sound.

None of what Im saying means anything unless you enjoy the type of music that Dead Can Dance creates. If you like to take chances or are experimental in nature.....then this disc is for you. This is music in its basic and elemental form. Raw.....primitive and very instictual and yet it possesses an artistic sensibility that many people will absorb and enjoy quite easily. That being said..........this is not background music at all. Its far to unique for that.

Mobile Fidelity has done a remarkable job (in this particular case) and has done a fantastic Dsd transfer from the master tapes.
And what a recording it is. Recorded in California in a very good acoustical venue.....this disc bristles with kinetic and full/rich life. Instruments are rendered beautifully.....voices are full and expressive.........a great atmosphere and mysterious mood abounds. They are essentially playing the best songs from their previous albums.

The listener will be carried away for the entire disc.
Very much recommended.

Its very unfortunate that prices are going up but I would say that taking the plunge is very much worth it.

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