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  4AD -
  SADCD 2713
  Dead Can Dance: Spiritchaser

Dead Can Dance
Track listing:
  1. Nierika
2. Song Of The Stars
3. Indus
4. Song Of The Dispossessed
5. Dedicacé Outò
6. The Snake And The Moon
7. Song Of The Nile
8. Devorzhum
Recording type:
Recording info:

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Review by collinmaillard December 31, 2011 (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
I first discovered the group through "The serpent Egg", an undefinable album in terms of genre. This feature appealed to me a lot. CNET reviews had classified this one as one of the best recorded album ever.
This was for the stereo dimension, which ruled for years. We have been facing a new format for a couple of years. Yet this is rather new for me.
This format can be a much better one, depending on the skills of the sound engineers behind the mix. I've spent a lot (maybe too much) to gather the best SQACD albums according to heaps of reviews, here on this site and elsewhere on the net.
I'm not genre-related, I own classical music, OST, jazz and pop rock ... I am in love with sound.

Dead can dance too. This group is in love with sounds and music.
Spiritchaser is by far the best you can do in terms of sound and atmosphere.
If I had to describe the best sounding album I would like to be recorded, it would have been that one.
This is more than music, it is a divine experience, a mystic travel to our deepest origins.

They take us on their wings to Africa, to the rhythms of fantasy tribes to whom we might have belonged.
There is a perfect balance between rhythm, melodies and chanting.
The style is unique, the album could last for hours ...

In terms of sonics now, this is a must-have. I have a lot of SACDs, some were highly praised, I may wonder why sometimes.especially with live recordings. I love live action but you cannot reach the perfection of studio work. You reach here the nirvana in terms of technique and mixing.

A real eargasm.

Only a couple of albums manage to do this through Multichannel mixing. Beck Sea change is one of the few to trigger that phenomenon too, along with Pink Floyd and Dire Straits. Miles Davis Kind of Blue too but for other reasons.

If you want to live a genuine musical experience, buy this one before it is too late (only 6000 copies of each album have been produced ...) . I have already ordered two other ones, just to compare them, although the the styles may not be compared (from the stereo versions I now).

A MUST-HAVE, I really mean it, I'm not supporting a group coz I like'm, it is just an album that will challenge your equipment ...

Chris (Denon equipment + Audio Monitor Bronze HP series)

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Review by analogue October 20, 2011 (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Dead Can Dance perfected their own unique style as time went on. But the later recordings were also truly amazing reordings.

Another audiophile sacd produced by Mobile Fidelty. I am very critical of Mofi and some of their efforts. But this disc is simply unbelievable. From the very first note the listener is held in complete fixation to the music.

I wont gush but if you are remotely interested in this group by all means do yourself a treat and get this sacd. It will quickly go to your reference pile such is the sound and transfer by Mofi.

There were times during this disc where I felt I was transported to another realm of my subconscious ....sans chemicals ofcourse. The sound is deep, powerful and three dimensional...voices soar...drums.....percussion...its all here in amazing sound. This disc pulsates with kinetic and textured life. I cant possibly decipher how many different instruments are on this disc as they change from track to track. But they all sound amazing here.

Stylistically this disc is a mixture of aboriginal and African styled music and feelings. But more traditional instuments are also added. And chanting along with what sounds like animal sounds are included for good measure. Rhythm will not quit on this disc and guides you along for the journey.
Breathtaking and lifelike are also words that come to mind when listening to this disc. A fascinating sonic journey.

Mobile Fidelity has done an absolutely incredible job on this disc. Amazing recording, performance and Dsd transfer. This is what sacd is all about.

Highly recommended.
If you like this music I cant imagine anyone not being floored by this sacd.

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Review by progboy September 20, 2012 (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Wow.........what a great sounding disk! No question Dead Can Dance are the perfect band for SACD format. I am a huge fan of this band and have been slowly replacing my redbook CD collection with MOFI's SACD version one by one. Spiritchaser is one of my fav albums by DCD and I am just amazed how these great recordings sound on SACD.
On this disc DCD fills the room with a huge wall of sound with great speaker depth and sound separation. DCD are a very percussive band and MOFI has done a superb job in ensuring every nuisance has been preserved. The vocals of Lisa and Brandon sound incredible on this disc and are given just enough space to haunt you forever.
Truly an amazing album.......and now an amazing recording...........

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