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  5195432 (PAL), 5195452 (NTSC) (2 discs)
  Genesis: Trespass

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TOGP-15020 in Japan

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Review by chromal February 11, 2009 (0 of 2 found this review helpful)
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Re: "Nick Davis used to be a great engineer... what happened?" reviewer.

Check your ears, equipment, or the chip on your shoulder. This remaster elevates the art of Rock on SACD.

See my review of Genesis 1970-1975 for more details on this album.

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Review by Electrical Radio November 23, 2012
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Recorded at Trident studios back in 1970, the original LP sounds pleasant but a bit murky. I'd always heard that this was just the way Trident sounded at the time, according to interviews with the band, and I'd say that several of their early '70's recordings suffer from this "the band is in the next room" syndrome. ("In retrospect, we should have used a much more live and snappy studio" according to producer John Anthony, interviewed in the late '70's.)

After picking up the terrific stereo CD remaster/remix of 1971's "Nursery Cryme," recorded at the same studio, I began to wonder if history could be/was being rewritten. The arrival last week of this copy of "Trespass" (I found a single copy, so I didn't have to shell out for the box set) in thrilling 5.1 channel sound confirms all suspicion! Perhaps Trident had a dodgy 2 track recorder, because the original 8-track (?) master produced an SACD that sounds fantastic. And I hope you noticed that I didn't add "for its age."

Although this music is pretty, attractive, and appealing it helps to remember how different Genesis were from most other bands of the era and how young they all were-- below the drinking age here in California-- to fully appreciate it. The pluck of acoustic guitar strings fills the room on many songs and Peter Gabriel's voice is wonderfully ragged and full; or is that a contradiction? I was particularly struck by the power of John Mayhew's drumming, considering that he was voted out of the band soon after.

Listening to "Trespass" is an immersive experience, perfect for our 21st century fascination with the supernatural and fantasy since the band spin tales of super-intelligent wolves battling for their crown and the story of the last man on a post-apocalyptic Earth. It all ends with their early wall-crumbler, "The Knife." Fascinating reissue interviews with the band are included on a DVD (PAL format video) and the booklet includes the lyrics missing from my old Charisma LP.

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Review by progboy March 1, 2012
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...well I read a lot of conflicting reviews on the Genesis SACD's and decided to start where Genesis really started and that is Trespass. Those familiar with this album I am quite sure will love the SACD mix. As for the tinney sounds and the distortion in the mix .....I dont get any of that here on my stereo. In contrast the sound is clean and distinct! In fact I love the mix of Peter Gabriel's vocals with the wide separated harmonic guitars and layered Mellotron and flute that made Genesis !
I have the MCA Redbook CD and original US Vinyl of Trespass and I personally think this SACD blows those away.
Granted I would not say this is the best SACD I have or have ever heard but if you are a fan of Genesis then perhaps you should trespass over to amazon and snag this.

Up next will be Nursery and I go !

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