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  5195522 (PAL), 5195572 (NTSC) (2 discs)
  Genesis: Foxtrot

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TOGP-15022 in Japan

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Genesis 1970-1975      

Reviews: 3

Review by chromal February 11, 2009 (0 of 2 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
Re: "Nick Davis used to be a great engineer... what happened?" reviewer.

Check your ears, equipment, or the chip on your shoulder. This remaster elevates the art of Rock on SACD.

See my review of Genesis 1970-1975 for more details on this album.

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Review by Bazzamatazz May 17, 2012
Performance:   Sonics:  
This is the first copy of this album I have listened to. I have listened to it numerous times now and am absolutely blown away by it. Man these guys could write and play! Peter Gabriel was obviously on fire with these guys at this point before his departure from the band.

Please note I can only comment on the stereo version as I don't have a multichannel system. This SACD is far superior to the post-Gabriel SACD releases (Trick of the Tail, Wind and the Wuthering etc.) I have in terms of sonics. Those are quite harsh and washed out in the treble which may be a reflection of the master recording, although some forums mention these SACDs have been remixed. By contrast Foxtrot is warm and lush through and through. It also reveals a supreme amount of detail. Things like the tubular bells (I believe that's what they are!) just put shivers down your spine. The bass end , especially the pedal organ notes, is deep and glorious.

All in all I cannot recommend this release more highly whether your a prog rock fan or not. Buy it quick before they go out of print!

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Review by progboy March 21, 2012
Performance:   Sonics:  
Foxtrot was one of the progressive rock classics of all time and is best known for the epic "Supper's Ready" but for those deep into Genesis know there is so much more! I still think that the introduction to "Watcher Of The Skies" is one of the best beginnings to any album ever!

Once again Nick Davis did the SACD mix which turned out great to my ears ! The instruments are nice and clear and offers a wider spectrum of sound than previous achieved on releases. I also noticed that the vocal harmonies are most separated and give a different aspect to the music. For example on the track "Get em Out By Friday" I really noticed the huge production quality Davis set out to accomplish. No question you will "hear" things and "feel" things that you have never heard before on this album. The mellotron literally leaps out of my stereo and when Rutherford presses down on the taurus bass pedals my deep bass erupts. I would say that you will really appreciate the album even more now and if you are a fan of this album then you need to track this down !

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