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  SMEJ -
  Miles Davis: Kind of Blue
  "Kind of Blue"

Miles Davis
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Review by onenairb March 11, 2008 (10 of 10 found this review helpful)
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I have to agree with the other review. This JSACD is a much better SACD remaster of this classic album. Having been disappointed with the lack of use of the .1 channel on the Columbia release this mix is far superior giving the bass depth, the piano much more presence and greater clarity overall. The differences are not subtle IMHO. The only downside is it lacks the alternative take of Flamingo Sketches.

The best SACD recording availible of this classic.

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Review by analogue April 1, 2011 (9 of 12 found this review helpful)
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I have to ammend and change a previous review of this sacd. I had previously gave high marks to the american version of this sacd several years ago. I started to purchase japanese sacd's and noticed a very definite improvement compared to the previous north american discs.
The Japanese engineers seem to have different sensibilities and preferences when they master things. Almost an obsession.

I decided to take a chance and ordered the STEREO only Kind of Blue sacd directly from Japan. This disc was manufactured around 2000. This disc also has the extra track the original had.

The sound difference is so profound that I can scarcely believe it. It would seem that the original sacd was recorded with a much lower volume level that no amount of volume increase can overcome. It just never snaps into focus.

This newer J-disc is so much more alive and 3 dimensional. From the first few notes it is very evident that a great difference is to be had. The two saxophones, trumpet....piano and drums are rendered in awesome fashion. It also has a nice bite to it where textures can be heard and felt. The whole musical experience is so much better. More in line to what the musicians wanted.

Although this is probably the greatest jazz album ever recorded one should have the best sacd of which to listen with.

In my humble opinion the original disc is only a 3 in quality but this newer one is a 5 ++++.

Highly recommended.

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Review by JW December 14, 2007 (8 of 9 found this review helpful)
This is only about sound quality. The big question many SA-CD people ask is whether there is a sound quality difference between the JSACD and the US or Euro pressings of KOB...

The European pressed SA-CD has more presence and timbre than my 1997 US pressed CD remaster (CD 64935), but not by a huge margin. The CD sounds pretty good. Recently I finally bought the JSACD to find out for myself whether 'what people say' was true or not. It is. It's better - and by quite a margin I feel. I have the Euro pressed hybrid (Austria) and the JSACD delivered what I was hoping to get: more body (3D presentation), more presence and the sound of the piano was improved upon in terms of clarity, extension and tone.

Now go and get one for yourself... :-)


My other review: /showreviews/644

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