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  82876871572, BVCC-38471 (2 discs)
  Mahler: Symphony No. 2 - Zinman
  Mahler: Symphony No. 2 "Resurrection"

Juliane Banse
Anna Larsson
Schweizer Kammerchor
Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich
David Zinman (conductor)
Track listing:
  Classical - Orchestral
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Review by sperlsco May 8, 2007 (11 of 16 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
My goodness, what am I to do when I want to listen to a great M2 in SACD? I have fine stereo ones from Slatkin, Ozawa, and Litton. And for multi-channel, I can choose from great ones by Fischer, MTT, Kobayashi and now Zinman.

Let me start at the end (since it just finished). This is an absolutely toe curling, eye watering finish. The bells ring clearly, and the high and low tam-tams are clearly audible (although not as big as in Fisher). The organ may not be as big as in the MTT, but it is ample. When it first comes in, its low end sends an exciting pulse through your body (helped by a little rubato(?) leading into its opening). The finale has wonderful solo and chorus singing throughout (Anna Larsson is superb as always – and especially in the Urlicht). In addition to the better organ, the other place where Zinman improves upon Fisher is in the consistency of the brass. Although the Zurich brass is never overpowering, it is very well balanced and I never have the feeling of wanting more (a minor problem in a couple of parts of Fisher’s finale for me). Zinman has a rather brisk March of the Souls (but not Ozawa-fast), and it is wonderfully played. One part that sounded strange was the immediate aftermath of the percussion section crescendo which precedes the March. This section sounded like it was missing something. I’ll have to revisit it on my next listening to determine what didn’t sound right. .

Zinman conducts a slightly (but not too) slow Andante followed by a fairly brisk Scherzo; timings are II – 10:32, III. 10:10. Although my preference is for the reverse, it is done convincingly. I noticed some excellent clarity and texture to the music making throughout. Perhaps there was a little less vibrato in the strings that allowed these textures to flow through.

I did not enjoy the opening movement as much as I should have. I discovered that my two year old had fiddled with the knobs on my subwoofer – thereby eliminating the low-end until I fixed it. I’ll have to revisit this movement later in the week. Once I fixed this, the sound filled out beautifully. This is wonderful three-dimensional sound. The bells at the end seemed to come from all around me. The solo singing was placed wide left and wide right, making for a nice combination at times.

To sum up – a strong recommendation!


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Review by Oscar May 29, 2008 (4 of 6 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:    
Zinman gives us a splendid second instalment of Mahler symphonies cycle.

The Second is a complex symphony, involving large orchestra, chorus and two soloists. The forces involved here are excellent, although both solists could benefit from a steadier vocal line.

Zinman gives a very natural reading, carefully controled, and without exageration or inderlining in the more dramatic moments. He is very particular in getting the right balance when there is music "offstage, in the later movements of the work.

His whole view may sound a bit "detached" and lacking in the total degree of warmth expected, but, as it is it is quite an impressive interpretation.

The sound, once again, is superb.

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Review by hiredfox November 30, 2008 (2 of 6 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
I picked this recording up by chance as a pre-Christmas discount in HMV at Southampton UK. It was offered cheap so I thought hey! why not?

I'm glad I did as this is a very fine interpretation indeed and the recording excels. This is a performance that draws you in from the very first note and then plays havoc with your emotions. Probably second only to Istvan Fischer's magnificent Budapest account on Channel Classics. This orchestra has been accused by some of being overly romantic and a bit thin. Surely thin is better than lush for Mahler as every nuance of texture and colour of his superb orchestration comes out clearly stunningly revealed by the RCA recording.

I like to have two versions of each symphony and these two are head and shoulders above the rest.

I Love this!

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Gustav Mahler - Symphony No. 2 in C minor "Resurrection"