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  3880572 (PAL), 3880602 (NTSC) (12 discs)
  Genesis 1976-1982
  "Genesis 1976-1982"

Track listing:
  A Trick of the Tail
And Then There Were Three
Wind and Wuthering
Bonus SA-CD + DVD
Recording type:
Recording info:

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Reviews: 3

Review by mccontrol July 16, 2008 (7 of 9 found this review helpful)
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The music contained in this box set is of such a high standard.The packaging is pretty good too and as a bonus for buying these new Genesis box sets you get a bonus SACD/DVD set enclosed in a very informative hardback book with essays by Genesis fanatic Michael Watts.The bonus SACD contains B Sides and extra tracks from single releases and EP's whilst the DVD has bonus video content and an extra reissues interview.These discs are not available seperately and are a nice bonus!

Ignore the reviews that complain about the new mixes/bad compression etc....,these people seem to have issues with remastered music in general.I'd like to write about the SACD/DTS 5.1 mixes as I talk of high standards.I'm listening to "One For The Vine" from "Wind & Wuthering" as I type this review and it is breathtaking.I also have the equipment to compare the SACD 5.1 verses the DTS 5.1(96k/24bit) and can faithfully report that they are both top notch.The SACD 5.1 mixes always seem to sound a little warmer to me as they are played back via analogue not digital.I can also write that the stereo SACD mixes sound pretty good,but not a patch on the 5.1.The same stereo mixes have been used for the standard cd layer so they should sound ok too.

I think in years to come,as Mike Rutherford says on the bonus DVD interview,these new mixes will be appreciated for what they are when more people open their ears to surround mixes.

I must also admit that there are some very bad surround mixes out there but Genesis and their trusty engineer Nick Davis have clearly done their homework.ALL mixes in this collection and the companion 1983-1998 boxGenesis 1983-1998 have been supervised by Tony Banks.Giving the listener a new experience with evey album(even "Calling All Stations" sounds great).Ok,so they are not the original stereo mixes,these new releases are clearly aimed at fans who have the capacity to hear these great albums in 5.1 via SACD or DVD.

So in summing up,if you've got the hardware to enjoy these fantastic remixed Genesis albums then your ears will love you for buying this set and it's companion.And if you don't have an SACD player(get one!) or a DTS decoder don't worry,you can also listen to the standard 5.1 dolby digital mixes(they are slightly lower quality)on the DVD's via most DVD players/home theatre setups.


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Review by Empanadilla June 17, 2010 (4 of 9 found this review helpful)
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Fellow members who are reading this know about this music and what to expect here, so I'm not going there.
Reviewing of 5.1 mixes only.


5.1 mix EQ, panning and assignment of instruments: Top notch, 4/5.
Not 5/5 , if only because of one reason; I do not agree with them not recreating the original "gated reverb" snare drum sound on Abacab-at least they should have it offered as an "alternate mix".

5.1 mix EQ of Phil's voice: 0/5 .Don't know what went wrong: maybe all of the people involved in the mixing and EQing of his voice have acute tinnitus perenne or are deaf.
These are , without a doubt- the harshest and most ear piercing and fatiguing inducing vocals in history(or that I've EVER heard).

And it's not that they were recorded that way, cause we all know well how they sound on LP. CD, MC, Q8, etc.

This is the case in both SACD and DTS 96/24 mixes.
Even turning down the treble to -3 dB, it's still overly bright.

And this coming from someone who has been a pro audio engineer and musician for 20+ years.

And on top of that, in my personal music room, I always like to listen to music very bright , almost too bright-always have the treble on at least +1 dB on most everything-I LOVE having my ears "bleed" from the sheen on LPs and Hi Res stuff (CDs....whassat??), but ONLY with properly mixed music.
And here, everything is mixed properly, except for the voices...

Be warned.

Thankfully, this is not the case with the Peter Gabriel era box set.

I am a big fan of Genesis and I'm glad to give them my $$$ and on top of that, am STILL thankful they have released their catalog in MultiChannel, which was one of the biggest pipe dreams ever-so , it's not that I'm trolling or blabbering, I know what I'm talkin' 'bout, Willis!!!!

This is my take on this and if you don't agree there must be something wrong with your system and/or your ears.

Now, you may vote "no" on the "has this review been helpful?" poll. Thanks. ;=)

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Review by mr prog July 4, 2007 (2 of 12 found this review helpful)
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je suis un fan de genesis et quel plaisir de pouvoir écouter les album en 5.1 vous les redécouvrez car les mixages sont vraiment bien travaillés.Et en plus vous avez des bonus sur les dvd qui sont trés interressant.Voila un coffret de sacd a ne pas manquer. vivement les deux autres coffrets .

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