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  3850482 (PAL), 3859512 (NTSC) (2 discs)
  Genesis: Wind and Wuthering
  "Wind and Wuthering"

Track listing:
  1. Eleventh Earl Of Mar
2. One For The Vine
3. Your Own Special Way
4. Wot Gorilla?
5. All In A Mouse's Night
6. Blood On The Rooftops
7. 'Unquiet Slumbers For The Sleepers...
8. ...In That Quiet Earth
9. Afterglow
Recording type:
Recording info:

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Reviews: 3

Review by Electrical Radio July 4, 2010 (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:    
I enjoy this SACD quite a bit. Although I would describe the sound as detailed and spacious, it's not quite as powerful as the previous album, "A Trick of the Tail." Phil Collins was quite a loud and energetic drummer by this time and he sounds noticeably thinner and a bit distant here, probably due to the mic setup on the original tape. It just doesn't have the loud, punchy sound of live drums and I hear the same sort of sound on the LP version. Perhaps this is one of the reasons Mike Rutherford characterizes the sound of "Wind and Wuthering" as "feminine" on the included "making of" video segment. "Wind" was recorded at Relight in Holland, whereas "Tail" was done at Trident. (I think studios can have their own personalities.) The two recordings do share the same producer in David Hentschel, so perhaps this was the sonic character he wanted.

Hearing the exotic instrumental stew on tracks like "One for the Vine" and "Eleventh Earl of Mar" (12-string guitars, kalimba, and several unidentified musical objects) can be pretty intoxicating in surround sound. One of my favorite songs, "Blood on the Rooftops," is subtly spectacular here in its quiet, moody, enveloping glory. This is definitely a wide-screen recording!

My personal feelings about this album include some minus points for certain lyrics ("All in a Mouse's Night" is basically a rock musical of a Tom and Jerry cartoon), but a plus for some interesting controversy as "Wot Gorilla" is included. Steve Hackett wanted his song, "Please Don't Touch," included also, but there wasn't room for both and Phil just loved that gorilla!

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Review by progboy May 8, 2012 (2 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
I am a Genesis fan....always have been and always will be and slowly I have been picking up all the Nick Davis SACD Remasters as I find them reasonably you know there are some lunatics asking way too much for these discs.
If you are not familiar with the post Gabriel era Genesis then I can assure you that Phil Collins does a reasonable job on the vocals in replacement of Peter Gabriel. Musically "Wind and Wuthering" from 1977 was another great album from this band who began on this album to show signs of pop and progressive rock combined. No question that Afterglow is one of the truly great Genesis tracks! ...still give me the shivers when I hear it....

Now how is the SACD transfer you ask ? well....I can assure you that this is an excellent transfer that sounds great. Excellent clarity and nice instrumental depth. Nick Davis is responsible for the 5.1 mix and unlike many of the critics out there I think he did a very good job on these albums. The music is bright and clear and in many ways I feel like I have never heard the album until now !
I also have been able to hear things that I never heard before from my vinyl and 1st edition CD sources.
If you are a fan of Genesis or this album then I recommend you pick it up.......

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Review by PLS July 24, 2007 (2 of 3 found this review helpful)
I didn´t see any opinion for this reissue from users of the sa-cd site!
I like the new sound on this edition!Its soundstage is wider and deeper, its more detailed and well balanced, its less prone to treble excess than the other two cd editions, with exception to the vinyl edition (1976/77)which actualy sound bland and "cracky" (Vinyl front end defective most likely)!
At track 2, "One For The Vine", i notice 3 or 4 glitches near 4 minutes runing time. The CD layer have this issue too, and i check the Definitive Editon Remaster and it dont exibhit this problem, but the first cd edition,Virgin CDSCD 4005, shows the same glitches at the same point. The LP shows a lot of "cracks" and "pops" but no glitches... just checking!!!
The multichannel sa-cd layer shows the glitches too!
So if you like the music, it worth the effort, the sound is sweet and explicit too, and the dsd (sa-cd)layer gives you the edge for a far more confortable and effortless audition of this work!
Buy it and enjoy!

Best regards

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