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  Jenifer: Le Passage
  "Le Passage"

Track listing:
  1. Ma revolution
2. Le souvenir de ce jour
3. C'est de l'or
4. Osé
5. Pour toi
6. J'en ai assez
7. Comme un yoyo
8. Le passage
9. Celle que tu vois
10. Serre moi
11. Chou boup
12. De vous a moi
  Chanson française
Recording type:
Recording info:

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Reviews: 1

Review by Rudy A-Traxx February 27, 2009 (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
Since i didn't find any info in here concerning its multichannel mix, I was a little afraid since my Universal SACD experiences.

We have an incredible surround mix on some tracks (n#4 for instance) and sometimes very spineless ones.
As if the guy at the remix had his little crisis and often a very tradionnal stereo way of thinking.
When there are instruments at the back they don't seem to be part of the mix. Something between back and front missing.

Anyway, this apart it'll be ok, especially in these end of the SACD times...

N'ayant trouvé aucune info sur sa multicanalité, je craignais un peu des expériences Universal en SACD.

Nous avons un mix surround parfois incroyablement débridé (titre 4) mais parfois plan plan.
Comme si le mixeur avait eu ses petites crises, mais surtout ses freins : On a une stéréo bien conventionnelle à l'avant, et parfois des effets un peu détachés du reste du mix. Un liant manquant terriblement au tout.

Ca reste quand même écoutable et en ces temps de SACD de plus en plus rares (et de plus en plus chers) je ne regrette pas mon achat sinon que c'est quand même de la pop rockette tellement formattée que 4 ans après ça a beaucoup vieillit et que l'essentiel est alors vraiment dans lactel - c'est à dire que la vérité est ailleurs...


find the Amazon reviews that where here before I posted :

Keep em coming.. (review from

Album points received/max = 56/60 = A
12 trax: 5x12 = 60.
60/5 = 12, 12 stars = 1 letter grade.
56 stars, A, The French Girl you always wanted..

Ma Revolution *****5
Le Souvenir de Ce Jour *****5
C'est de L'or *****5
Ose *****5
Pour Toi ****4
J'en Ai Assez *****5
Come Un Yo Yo *****5
Le Passage *****5
Celle Que Tu Vois *****5
Serre-Moi ****4
Chou Boup ****4
De Vous A Moi ****4

End thoughts: Not as good as her first CD, nor better than her new album. Still overall a pretty good CD here, begins to faultier off towards the end and losses points because of it.
Establishing her popularity as a pop recording artist (review from


Jenifer won "Star Academy" 1st season in 2000. Unlike what a previous reviewer writes, this is not American Idol equivalent but rather the equivalent of Operacio Triunfo (Spain) and Fame Academy (UK). French Idol is called "Nouvelle Star", winners of season 1 and 2 are Jonatan Cerrada and Steeve Estatof (season 3 just began while Star Academy 4 ended in December).

Her first album "Jenifer" was a huge success and she is very popular among young listeners (she won best female NRJ award this year). After touring with her other SA1 mates, then touring in solo to promote her first album, taking part in various charity concerts, she met her current life companion Maxim Nucci (writer and producer for L5, Popstars 1 winners)who worked with her on this sophomore opus. She just took a couple of month after the birth of their baby boy Aaron before releasing "le passage" and start a new tour... All that at just 20.
I must say this is not my favourite French artist. But her songs are ofter catchy, pop with lots of guitars (more than on the first album). "Ma Révolution" (catchy rock track) and "Souvenir de ce jour" (mid-tempo track written by Kyo) have been successful singles and "C'est de l'or" (a ballad about her baby written by Calogero) has just been released.

Her first album was often soft and poppy, as her first singles "J'attends l'amour" or "Au soleil". She is going towards a 'pop with guitars'sound that was announced on the first album with "Des mots qui resonnent". If you like the current singles, you will probably enjoy the rest of the album. She describes "Le passage" as an explanation of how it feels to slowly grow from a 'sweet baby face' teenage girl into an intelligent artist in control of her career, a beautiful woman and a loving mother. The fact is, she has grown up since her departure from the academy, and she only own to her hard work and persistance to be recognized now as a respected recording artist and not anymore as a 'real TV kleenex product'. Conclusion: if you're looking for well produced mainstream pop, you might have found it.

Note that Kyo and Tina Arena do not actually sing on the record. Kyo wrote her "Souvenir de ce jour" and "Pour toi" is a french adaptation of a Tina Arena track... So much for their participation...
Le meilleur! (review from


Jenifer est le meilleur chanteur du history!She français peut chanter la danse et égal a fait tout ceci tandis qu'avoir un baby!She est le meilleur ! Soutenu à Nice, la France !
cool sophomore album (review from


Jenifer won in the French American Idol spinoff and she has an incredible voice and it is evident in her albums. This second one has some nice songs like "Le souvenir de ce jour" and "Comme un yoyo," and most if not all of the songs are pop enough for one to get used to. Unfortunately, she still sounds like she's aiming for a mainstream audience. This album features Kyo and Tina Arena, supposedly, but I've had the album for several months (bought it in France) and I can't point out which songs those artists appear in. I still prefer her debut album over this one, ("Jenifer") but over-all, not a bad buy.

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