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  Drakkar -
  Nightwish: From Wishes to Eternity
  "From Wishes to Eternity"

Track listing:
  1. The Kinslayer
2. She Is My Sin
3. Deep Silent Complete
4. The Pharaoh Sails To Orion
5. Come Cover Me
6. Wanderlust
7. Swanheart
8. Elvenpath
9. Dead Boy's Poem
10. Sacrament Of Wilderness
11. Walking In The Air
12. Beauty & The Beast
13. Wishmaster
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Reviews: 3

Review by RobertPaulson April 25, 2004 (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
I really admired the group Within Tmeptation; so I was on search for some new stuff in this genre and I found Nightwish.
Here we havbe a live performance. Very often, such live recordings do have the problem that the sound isn't that good as a studio recording 'cause of the completely different acoustic.
And same problem here.
Most of the time the voice of Tarja is drowned out by the music. Sometimes it's very hard to understand her.
And the surround-mix is disappointing too.
While the audience between the songs gives a wonderful and warm surround-feeling, but during the songs everything seems to come from the front (okay, I must confess that this is how it normally sounds at concerts). But if you are used to many surround-mixed studio albums, this is poor.

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Review by Vladimir February 24, 2006 (0 of 1 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
Being a fan of both Nightwish and Sacd, this was a must have for me.
It think this live album is really good, I have seen Nightwish performing live and I have nothing to complain about the performance on this album. The only thing to complain about is that the Sacd is missing two tracks comparing to the DVD version.

Fot those not familiar with Nightwish: They are a heavy metal band from Finland with a female opera influenced singer: Tarja Turunen, she is what makes this band different from the most of other stuff I have ever heard. (To bad she's kicked out of the band now).
Favorit track is no doubt 'Walking in the air' which is the only softer song on the album, the song really shows the qualitys of Tanja's voice, and sacd makes the song "come alive" and gives me goosebumps, I often put this record in the player just to hear this song.

The surround mix is great with the music in front and the audience in rear speakers, it gives a nice feeling of actually being at the concert. Tanja's voice is pretty transparent and clear, I have heard better though. Regarding the sonics I only have one major complain; since this is heavy metal there really should be more base! And no it doesn't help much to turn up the subwoofer, I have not had this problem with any other sacd.

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Review by arielext January 14, 2006 (0 of 1 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:    
This concert is also available on DVD-video, this is just the soundtrack in sereo and SA-CD.
That can be a good thing, if it has something to offer but no! this is a complete waiste of plastc and paper :( Get the DVD instead so you have that one time please of watching the band before you resell the whole lot on ebay.

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