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  Chesky -
  The Coryells: The Coryells
  "The Coryells"

The Coryells
Track listing:
  1. "Sentenza Del Cuore" - Allegro
2. "Sentenza Del Cuore" - Interlude
3. "Sentenza Del Cuore" - Adagio
4. Goodbye Porkpie Hat
5. Sink Or Swim
6. Zimbabwe
7. Low-Lee-Tah
8. Love And Happiness
9. Something Pretty
10. Trouble No More
11. Funky Waltz
12. Transparence
13. Somebody's Got To Win, Somebody's Got To Lose
14. Song For Emily
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Recording info:

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Review by analogue May 6, 2009 (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
This is the second sacd I have purchased featuring one or more of the Coryell family playing. For those who may know............ Larry Coryell is a master guitarist in the jazz/ rock mixture of music. Being as it may....... I just love to hear this guy play. He is terrific.
This particular album features the elder Coryell playing with his two sons, a bassist and a percussionist. It's a definite hodge podge of tastes and styles prepare yourself to be open minded.
Some songs feature spanish style music on the three guitars only while other tracks feature vocals with straight playing and sung very bluesy. But other songs and these are the ones I enjoy the most feature the three guitarists playing together with melodic and experimental tones where each guitarist accentuates the other. Track 12 is rather beautiful.

I am tempted to wish that this was an album that only featured the three Coryells playing their acoustic guitars but then's nice to hear different styles and how far they can stretch the guitar style in general. On the whole this is a good album.

And last but certainly not least is the recording. I own many Chesky sacd's and they are simply marvelous. The Chesky's have an excellent gift for producing masterful and musical recordings and sacd's. This album features an excellent soundstage and slightly subdued but realistic guitar sound. By that I mean they are never abrasive and full bodied. It is easy to place where each guitarist is in the sound field. The vocals are also recorded with excellent fidelity and are naturalistic in feel. A superb job indeed.

Very much recommended.

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Review by Tube Man March 22, 2005 (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Having a modified Sony DVP-S9000ES SACD Transport, I was only able to review this album in the stereo mode. I have had this SACD for approximately a year and have found it to have excellent sound resolution. The recording quality is excellent, capturing the delicate harmonics of the instruments and voices in an uncommon way. The performers can be distincly placed on the cavernous soundstage. The Coryells have a rhythmic jazz/rock style speckled with excellent guitar vituosity that is full of emotion. You can frequently hear the guitarists breathing and humming along the more elaborate guitar sections. The musicians really blend well like a good choir. Its a wonder these guys aren't more popular than they are. I highly recommend it.

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Review by StyleAndEntertainmen May 22, 2005 (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
This is one of my favorite "sleeper" albums. I had never heard of the Coryells or of Chesky Records. I bought it simply because it was SACD. Long story short, this is an incredible album. The music is wonderful (and I'm not a big fan of guitars) with excellent sonics AND performances that will keep you coming back to listen again and again. There is so much emotion in the music that it will captivate you. As mentioned the sonics are excellent as well. Highly recommended by StyleAndEntertainment!

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