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  Sugar Hill Records -
  Dolly Parton: Halos & Horns
  "Halos & Horns"

Dolly Parton
Track listing:
  1. Halos and Horns
2. Sugar Hill
3. Not For Me
4. Hello God
5. If
6. Shattered Image
7. These Old Bones
8. What A Heartache
9. I'm Gone
10. Raven Dove
11. Dagger Through the Heart
12. If Only
13. John Daniel
14. Stairway to Heaven
Recording type:
Recording info:

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Reviews: 3

Review by analogue March 6, 2009 (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
I like Dolly Parton. I took a chance on this Dolly Parton sacd when I discovered that it was a dsd recording of her new music.

The sound quality is top notch. Parton's voice is as good now as it's ever been. She sounds exactly the same to my ears. This is one of the reaosns I like this sacd so much. Her voice still has the same overall tonality and has not become hoarse or deeper as time has gone by. She can hit the highs like she alwys did. She can still move you with the emotion of a song. When she sings of pain or sorrow you too will experience a little of it. And when she wants to be charming with a twinkle in her eye you too will be charmed.

The recording has presence, vocals are in the forefront of the speakers and rendered beautifully and the instruments have good weight and tonality to them. They make good music on this sacd.

The only minor complaint is that while I like most of the songs on this sacd some I do not. This is almost worth not mentioning. We all have our own tastes ,right??

She has some songs that are romantic, some are of the story teller kind, some are heartbreaking and some mystical.

She even does a country-fied version of "Stair way to Heaven" that is actually pretty awesome if you can believe it.

Highly recommended. Good album and recording. Good sacd.

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Review by Khorn July 10, 2003 (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
I just finished listening to this disc and have mixed feelings about it. If you are a Dolly fan you won't be surprised as most of this recording is exactly what you would expect it to be. I guess what bothers me most is HOW it was recorded (mixed).

Modern recording technology and playback, specially hi resolution like DSD and SACD allow us to here more into the music. One of the first things that I noticed about SACD is the ability to "place individual artists in there own space within the total sonic picture" presenting a realistic depiction of a performance. Now, I'm sure it was a matter of production choice in this case but Dolly's voice, in most instances on this recording, overpowers her accompaniment. Dolly Parton has a very powerful and palpable vocal presence. It would take an awful lot to overpower or upstage her. The reason I say this is I believe more "equal footing" or up front presence could have been given the very well played instrumental backing. If that had been done it would have surly added to the total presentation without any fear of detracting from Dolly's vocals, in fact, it would have complimented her.
Take for example the cut 'I'm Gone' where the instrumentals really add to the presentation.

I wasn't prepared for the standout cut on this disc, Dolly's cover of "Stairway To Heaven". I really like the way she handled this cut and wouldn't have dreamed for a minute she could have interpreted it this well. I'm sure it will be my fave on this disc and I hope Dolly tries more covers in this manner as she surly has the ability to pull it off.

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Review by raffells January 4, 2007 (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
This is probably one the best sacds I have and I think any criticism of the balance is possibly nitpicking and system dependant.Fabulous well filled disc and All the songs are worthwhile and the variety in her voice comes over well as does the playing..Beyond reproach and I would have given it many many syars,,Difficult to get hold of and had the CD only for a long while which is also excellent if very slightly harder tonal quality.

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