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  Audio Fidelity -
  AFZ 004
  The Cal Tjader Quintet: Latin + Jazz = Cal Tjader
  "Latin + Jazz = Cal Tjader"

The Cal Tjader Quintet:
Cal Tjader (vibes)
Armando Perazza (congas)
Joe Kloess (piano)
Paul Warburton (bass)
Mike Buono (drums)
Track listing:
  1. Armando's Quajira (Armando Perazza)
2. Armando's Bossa (Armando Perazza)
3. Why Did I Choose You (Michael Leonard-Herbert & Martin)
4. Milo's Other Samba (Gary McFarland)
5. Song For Pat (Cal Tjader)
6. The Touch (Joe Kloess)
7. Colorado Waltz (Cal Tjader)
8. Nica's Dream (Horace Silver)
Recording type:
Recording info:
  Recorded "Live" at the Red Onion, Aspen Colorado.

Remastering: Steve Hoffman

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Review by progboy March 14, 2012 (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
wow....I think I have to chime in.....(get it chime in).......but I think this SACD is pretty darn groovy actually. Lots of latin vibes and beats that will keep your toes tapping and your head boppin for hours. Unlike the other reviewer I dont find the music just keeps going and going but rather enjoy the grooves these guys get into.

The sound is superb and clean could it not being a product of the Hoffman and Gray collaborative production muscles.

Sure there are a few cuts and bruises along the way but that is the case with many live recordings and I actually find these quite fitting.

If you like vibes then this is a great SACD to own.

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Review by CA 94542 Native June 24, 2010 (1 of 4 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
What an awful album. 8-(

Track one is a prime example of a problem I have with Latin jazz in general – the music is often repetitious and feels like it doesn’t know when to quit. A basic phrase and reprise, repeated over and over, with an energetic percussion section banging away. At about five minutes into this first track you've had enough, and you check the jacket, hoping it will end soon - hmm, 4:24 long yet still playing? Drags on for a painful seven and one-half minutes. The other tracks exhibit the same qualities – a high level of energy dominated by boring, repetitive melody. And what of the star, here, Cal Tjader? It is, after all, marketed as his album. You can hardly hear him play, and when you do it is an uninspired performance. Track three highlights Tjader in a nice ballad but is a mere 3:12 long. As the album wears on, you realize why the vibe and piano are mixed way back - when up front the sound is loud and uncomfortably harsh, reminding you of why you hate listening to RBCDs. Between songs there are voices from the stage but not loud or clear enough to understand, although you do get plenty of noise from the crowd at this live event. Maybe this was a bootleg recording done on a hobbyist’s recorder.

Track three is the only track that plays for the time listed on the jacket. All other tracks are either longer (3:10 longer in one case) or shorter than stated. The jacket also says “featuring Armando Perazza.” From what I could find, Armando Peraza spells his name with one z, not two. Last but not least, independent vendors are offering this for sale at US$56 and up. Bought my copy from Acoustic Sounds via Amazon (a separate story in itself) for only US$10, but save your dough. This is a giveaway disc at best.

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