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  Audio Fidelity -
  AFZ 001
  The Zombies: Greatest Hits
  "Greatest Hits"

The Zombies:
Rod Argent (electric piano and organ, vocals)
Paul Atkinson (guitar)
Colin Blunstone (lead vocals)
Hugh Grundy (drums)
Chris White (bass, vocals)
Track listing:
  1. She's Not There (London PS 557 version) (Rod Argent)
2. I Can't Make Up My Mind (Chris White)
3. Tell Her No (Rod Argent)
4. You Make Me Feel Good (Chris White)
5. Kind Of Girl (Rod Argent)
6. Leave Me Be (Chris White)
7. Sometimes (Rod Argent)
8. Don't Cry For Me (Chris White)
9. It's Alright With Me (Rod Argent)
10. I Don't Want To Know (Chris White)
11. I Love You (Chris White)
12. Nothing's Changed (Chris White)
13. I Remember When I Loved Her (Rod Argent)
14. Indication (Rod Argent)
15. Just Out Of Reach (Colin Blunstone)
16. What More Can I Do (Chris White)
17. She Does Everything For Me (Rod Argent)
18. Time Of The Season (Rod Argent)
19. She's Not There ("hit single" version) (Rod Argent)
20. Time Of The Season (alternate mix) (Rod Argent)
Recording type:
Recording info:
  Recorded in England for Decca and CBS Records, 1964-68

Remastering: Steve Hoffman

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Review by analogue February 27, 2009 (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
The groups' greatest hits.

When you hear the first track (She's not there) on this sacd you will be shocked at the quality of sound. It is very realistic, heavy bass and the voice flows out of the speaker in an almost spooky way and the keyboard is rendered in great realism. This track has never sounded so good. Most of the tracks on this sacd sound terrific. 60's music can sound amazing folks.

The only complaint I have with this sacd is no ones fault really and is a small one. The mastering is flawless as is the sound. It's just that the original master tapes on SOME of the tracks are a little worn so the fidelity is noticeably affected. That would be my only reason for lowering the overall rating of this sacd.

The sound is nuetral neither to warm or to cool, is relaing in a non-strident sort of way. Don't you hate it when you but a regular cd and the studio increases the volume and shows off all the digital nastiness of the medium. None of that rubbish is found here. There is very little compression used so you must increase the volume. This is one of the tricks of great sounding music that no one tells you about. No compression = great sound. This sacd is actually relaxing in a non fatiguing sort of way. You never reach to cover your ears because the treble is controlled.

Quite frankly it was a complete shock to hear classic rock music from the 60's sound this good. Mr. Hoffman did an excellent job of extracting the information of the original tapes. I was completely taken aback by the quality. If the entire album was as good as the first track (MOST ARE) this would be a 5+ sacd.

Highly recommended and if you are a Zombie's fan you must own this disc. It's wonderful.

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Review by Tom March 2, 2003 (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
With 20 cuts, you get a lot for the money. IMHO, The Zombies only had 3 hits and they're all here. In fact, two are here twice. I find the other cuts interesting and enjoyable to listen, and this SACD's sonics are far above average for a pop recording. Recommended for anyone who enjoys the music of the late 1960's.

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Review by Marc P March 1, 2003 (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
The Zombies Greatest hits is just what the title tells you it is. Some really great 60s tunes from a band, that didnt really get the best out of their career.
They have some classics songs on here like Time of the season and Shes not there.

The re-mastering process was under the capable hands of none other than Steve Hoffman. And one can tell, it has the Hoffman touch.

This is a record that would fit great into the collection off anyone with a taste for 60s music.

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