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  Analogue Productions -
  CAPJ 4418 SA
  Duke Ellington: Masterpieces by Ellington
  Duke Ellington
Track listing:
  1. Mood Indigo
2. Sophisticated Lady
3. The Tattooed Bride
4. Solitude
5. Vagabonds
6. Smada
7. Rock Slippin’ At The Blue Note
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Recording info:

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Submitted by hasbro
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Review by Audio Ed February 1, 2015 (6 of 6 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
WOW!!! This sounds just great. It is in mono but one would never know it. The soundstage is very distinct. Yes it is a 1950 recording, yes I would have no trouble believing someone if they said it was recorded in the 60's, it really does sound that good. It is not a demo disc in terms of showing off one's system but it is for showing off how good early recordings can sound. The music is pure Ellington and if you are reading this you are probably familiar with these recordings. The performances are top notch, no more to add. The packaging is very sparse. No liner notes to speak of. I am going to be keeping my 2004 CD if only for the liner notes, I will not listen to it again. If you even have just a slight interest in Ellington, I would highly recommend that you get this. The drums and bass are rich and the horns are sharp, there are times that I wish the piano sounded better but that is a minor quibble. I sure hope AP release more like this, I for one will keep buying.

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Review by analogue February 6, 2015 (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
If one owns the 2004 Sony cd and is a fan of this disc one could also conclude that any potential sacd release would be awesome. I purchased the new sacd and while I do like it I also was a little let down by this reissue. Its no ones fault unless you want to blame Dsd for the let down. Dsd is high resolution cd is not.

I always wondered why Sony never released this on Sacd back in the day when they released so many other jazz classics. The cd is one of the very best sounding pcm discs I have in my collection and judging any other releases by this disc I thought the sacd would be killer but its not. Comparing the two the answers is easy to figure out. The cd was a 24 bit pcm transfer from a new Dsd tape transfer. It was ever so slightly compressed and some treble was added to give it some luster. Luster that the sacd does not possess
The cd because of its lower resolution and the tinkering does not show any weaknesses that the new Dsd transfer shows.. With the higher Dsd resolution the tape issues are heard rather easily.

I am not saying this new sacd is bad sounding or not worthy of consideration.....I am simply highlighting some tape issues that exist that cannot be hidden away as they are on the cd. The sacd is dry.... the cd luscious in comparison.

The new sacd has a better tonality .....a more accurate reflection of the recording. The higher Dsd capture also has a dry sound to the transfer that is unavoidable but accurate as to the tape source.

Distortion and a slight warp on some tracks is also evident. This new sacd sounds like a 1950 recording in mono. The cd had a lusher more attractive sound that is artificially attained but very addictive. Although this is a mono recording both versions have a strange stereophonic laying to them (back to front) that is attractive. More so on the cd than the sacd. There are some good aspects of the new sacd. The whole tonality is very analogue like and realistic. Instruments and voices do sound more spot on than the cd.......and more lifelike. But all in all the sacd sounds older and the cd sounds so much fresher. Again .........this is done artificially.

The music is awesome and this recording was important for the Duke. The recording is decent to good but has several limitations I'm afraid.

There a numerous instances where the cd s in my collection hide away problems with the tape source for a myriad os reasons. From Sinatra to some rock titles........its the nature of the beast. Dsd is a warts and all scenario and this new sacd is a great example of how higher resolution can either reveal or destroy ones expectations.

Recommended with reservations. Ryan Smith did an honest job here with no tinkering in any way.

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