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  Mobile Fidelity -
  UDSACD 2103
  Allman Brothers Band: Brothers and Sisters
  The Allman Brothers Band
Track listing:
  1. Wasted Words
2. Ramblin' Man
3. Come and Go Blues
4. Jelly Jelly
5. Southbound
6. Jessica
7. Pony Boy
Recording type:
Recording info:

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Submitted by Marpow
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Review by analogue November 14, 2014 (4 of 4 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Mofi has done a very good job with their sacd versions of the Allman Brothers Band. But this new releases is heads and tails the best disc yet. The self titled sacd was a great effort, it had warm analogue sound and a mellow glow to it. There were definite tape problems and with the exception of two tracks........there was some dullness and mud to be heard. This was unavoidable. Eat a peach was much stronger with some jaw dropping versions of Blue Sky and of course Mountain Jam.

This third sacd is tremendous for several reasons. This is a good recording and the tapes are in excellent condition .The recording sounds very fresh and vibrant. Not older like the two previous releases. I owned the vinyl and the first generation cd. The vinyl was good if not a little veiled for my tastes. The cd was an atrocity against music......simply dreadful. I wondered if we were stuck with the stuffy quality of the sound forever.

The answer is an emphatic no. Mofi did a truly remarkable job with the transfer here. And as per the norm......their tape player captures things not heard previously. In this case the reason this sacd is so special is that its remarkably transparent and the clarity is very impressive. These are the two quality's that stand out for me more than any others. The listener falls into the mix in the best of ways.

I guess if I wanted to be extra finicky I might say that although all the tracks ..all seven of them sound awesome Jessica MIGHT SOUND A TAD THIN. At times the bass might be a little inconsistent. And that's it. I cant even come up with any other defects. While this recording might not be lets say.....Steely Dan or Pink Floyd where every single instrument is etched doesn't need to be to be a great sacd.

What's good on this release is to numerous to mention. Every song sounds awesome. Jelly Jelly is about as close to audiophile sound as you're likely to get with these guys. I could actually hear the absolute bottom of the recording as the bass drum simply thunked flatly. Blistering guitar work, driving but mellow blues.....floating piano chords.............the listener is in the studio. What more can one want??? Every track has something for the fan of this album. Want energy listen to Southbound. Want delta blues....listen to pony boy and the gorgeous bottle neck guitar chords at the beginning.

Highly recommended. Outstanding job by Mobile Fidelity. Easily one of their best ever rock sacd's.

Volume level must be cranked to get wowed.......and you will be.

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Review by Marpow October 15, 2014 (3 of 5 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
The Allman Brothers Band - Brothers And Sisters Hybrid SACD 2014 Stereo

This 1973 recording reissued by Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs, 2014 is a must for my library. I have owned original LP, cassette, and CD. This reissue is the best I have ever heard, crisp, clean and great stereo separation. It has good bass tone and plays well loud. It is a musically multi layered disc, with slow and easy, bluesy, rock, and country all thrown together. It is a hard driving constant tempo performance. Chuck Leavell on piano really pulls it all together. Packaging is gate fold with separate mini booklet original liner notes, track listing with musicians, etc. No 2014 liner notes where added except Mobile Fidelity generic wording. The Allman Brothers Band really took a hit with the death of Duane Allman and Berry Oakley in separate instances. This album proves that they will persevere. I feel pretty comfortable to say that the fantastic sonic quality of this disc will prevent me from ever buying another.
There is no current DR rating for this disc but I am sure it is equal to the 1994 release.

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