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  Audio Fidelity -
  AFZ 181
  Peter, Paul and Mary: In the Wind
  Peter, Paul and Mary
Track listing:
  1. Very last day
2. Hush-a-bye
3. Long chain on
4. Rocky road
5. Tell it on the mountain
6. Polly Von
7. Stewball
8. All my trials
9. Don\'t think twice, it\'s all right
10. Freight train
11. Quit your low down ways
12. Blowin\' in the wind
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Reviews: 3

Review by analogue October 27, 2014 (4 of 4 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
While not being familiar with this vocal folk group I decided to take a chance. I sampled their music, found it to my liking and purchased the sacd. This music is folk of course and created prior to Bob Dylan exploding on the musical scene. This group is vocal heavy and accompanied by acoustic guitar with a touch of subtle bass during most songs. Good music never truly withers away but there might be some listeners who think this music is plain, outdated and simplistic. Ahhhh......but that's where the beauty lies truth be told.

The more I listen to this disc the more I'm impressed with its sound. It will sound a tad dry and dull if the volume isn't fact its mandatory.....the volume must absolutely be turned up as loud as your system allows. The higher the volume the more dividends you will receive. Its then that the beauty of the mastering is realized. Steve Hoffman did a very good job on this sacd. While I like his America and Poco sacds better musically......this sacd has better sonics. Hoffman tried for the natural treble boost or reverb. Vocals are not edgy or bright and this makes all the difference I think.

The vocals are tremendous in their like like ranges and even when the three singers raise their voiced extremely loud...........the sacd captures them effortlessly. The guitars are wooden in they should be, nice delicate tape hiss and terrific soundstage and presence. Overall this sacd highlights the very organic and natural sound of the recording. The recording and tape condition are very good. A few slight drop outs are heard and some tape noise after one track but the sound is excellent.

Sonic score is really 4 and a quarter stars.

Highly recommended.
Great job by Mr. Hoffman.

Highly recommended. Play this sacd loudly.

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Review by Audio Ed October 13, 2014 (2 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
I cannot compare this to a previous version of this recording because I have never owned one. All I can say is that this sounds very good. The voices were recorded very well and they sound great on this disc. I feel that anyone who values folk performances will enjoy this SACD. I do not know if it sounds like the record but one must remember that records have a sound to them and mixes were made to compensate for some vinyl issue just like SACD recordings are. If you want a relaxing pleasant listening experience with some great voices, recorded and reproduced very well, look no further. The voices are left, right and center and the guitar and bass support is very nice but it is the voices that one would choice this disc, not the accompaniment. Enjoy.

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Review by siebrand November 16, 2015
Performance:   Sonics:
Really nice, this second Album from the great Peter Paul & Mary.
Reither difficult to me to decide which one is better... the first one, or this "in the wind"
Nice voices, good (acoustic) guitars and a lovely played Bass.
it is really a disc to listen to...
I love it,
The Dylan song "Blowin in the wind" is really nice covered, but allt the other songs are too...
Great SoundQuality
Thank you, Mr. Hoffmann.

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