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Post by Polarius T October 2, 2012 (21 of 22)
audioholik said:

Their latest BS invention...

That's definitely true, on both accounts. It's pure BS and an indication that they really seem to be looking for pure marketing strategies (and bigger returns on minimal investment as they hope) instead of selling best quality and substance.

I was just nitpicking. I think what they are doing is really what someone else (Bissie) already mentioned in another thread: going for vanity releases only on the SACD front (ignoring for a moment their domestic-market only releases, which are mainly mass-market pop AFAIK). The Richters and Glenn Goulds coming out as we speak come to mind. (Not that I'm going to be able to resist...)

Post by The Seventh Taylor October 10, 2012 (22 of 22)
And what does Universal Music (Japan) do in the meantime? They give us "100% Pure LP" -- DSD-mastered vinyl...

(Credit to UMG though: at least they extended their SHM 'technology' from RBCD to SACD)

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