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Post by pgmdir July 31, 2012 (11 of 13)
I got to thinking about the press release I received, and I realized that it was mostly about CM CLOSING. In fact, it should have been about CM SURVIVING. With the sharp decline in sales of physical media in other genres, it seems like there should be plenty of room for combining. I would have come up with a far more positive press release. Even with a lot less inventory, they'll still be the only game in town.

Post by flyingdutchman July 31, 2012 (12 of 13)
I'm aware of the red and yellow dot sales they have had for much of this year. That still doesn't eliminate much of the rest of what they have crammed into all the various spaces at CM. The sales that will come will have to eliminate even more, however. And Bill is right. I think they're just trying to survive and not give up the ship.

As for the room, I was told the separating wall would possibly be torn down and that Mike and Dan would be working part-time to keep classical representation going. Still, to have pop and rock music blaring while trying to buy classical is jarring to say the least. They should have combined jazz and classical together and kept the room.

Post by harold August 1, 2012 (13 of 13)
Sorry to read of C.M.'s changing business model. All the years I lived in Portland, C.M. was and probably still is a treasure to music lovers. I seem to recall another Portland retail institution, (Powell's Books,)offering on line services.... any chance C.M. might do likewise?

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