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Discussion: Deep Purple: Concerto for Group and Orchestra

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Post by MacXdadStandaGKCLBL February 17, 2012 (1 of 1)
It does not get better than Greek music where all music began giving birth to all music most important Greek/Classical eventually being sculpted perfected in Europe only other music with equalimportance is the Blues which gave birth to all american music A-Z Especially R &R-Heavy Rock begining with these masters I love Deep Purple, Rainbow, Whitesnake,ThinLizzy,UFO,Scorpions,Led Zepplin are all my A+ bands since I was listening to radio & records & when I began playing instruments in elementary school 1st grade on.
Now about Concerto 1st lineup episode six is forgotton formed 1965 more British Pop,2nd Lineup which is considered 1st formed 1967/8- Nick Simper,Rod Evans,Jon Lord,Ian Paice,Richie Blackmore. Mark3 Line Up Exceptional Formed in 1969 to show you exceptional musicians they were & Are with in days of forming thy did this cocerto and Unc Jon Lord Wrote all movements perfomed philharmonic. Ground breaking Deep Purple 1st Band to do this did not catch on but is slowly earning the respect they deserve!!!!!.