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Post by rammiepie March 8, 2011 (71 of 253)
DSD said:

Rammiepie I would like Bernie Grundman to redo the Living Stereo catalog on SACD, now that Acoustic Sounds owns Classic Records this could really happen. IMHO the Classic Records 180/200 gram LPs are so much more realistic than the SACD versions. He is one of the great remastering engineers.

And also the Living Stereo Jazz and Pop releases, the Harry Belafonte without the dialog removed, Bob and Ray throw a Stereo Spectacular, Alexander Gibson's Witches Brew, etc.

I'm sure the Playback Design MPS5 would narrow the gap between vinyl and SACD especially if Bernie Grundman was at the SACD helm.

You may not believe me and I'm sounding a bit like a "broken record" but the SooLoos have greatly narrowed the gap between what can be accomplished with RBCD as opposed to higher rez formats. Good thing I never had a RBCD tag sale.........even some OOP RBCDs are fetching hundreds of dollars!

That's why you should hold onto your SACDs that you may denigrate for their sound quality because the newer and better players can inject new life into those less than stellar sounding SACDs.....And logically, once you get rid of them you may regret that decision as OOP prices are increasingly outrageous.

But here's hoping that AP takes up Sony's banner and starts releasing Living Stereo (and Shaded Dog) SACDs once again with the venerable BG at the helm!

But just don't expect these releases to EVER list at $11.99 each, again......(some of the Living Stereo SACDs are $6.99 each new at Amazon US)......

You want to know the rest.

Post by rammiepie March 8, 2011 (72 of 253)
Polarius T said:

I say: Duck, you sucker.

Wanna play chicken, Polarius T?

Just don't mess with my little red rooster!

Post by Polarius T March 8, 2011 (73 of 253)

Post by The Rang March 9, 2011 (74 of 253)
rammiepie said:

That may be YOUR personal bugaboo towards S&G but there will be many other titles in QUAD for the first time in the SACD format

I never implied it was anything more than one man's opinion.

It's also an expression of personal frustration over the choices being made recently by the re-issue labels, regardless of format.
Though there are a few gems in there, Audio Fidelity, MoFi and AP (Pop/Rock only...their jazz is OK)) are releasing too much ho-hum material that I already own. Not enough excitement level to make me want to buy.
To each is own. I'm sure the majority are doing cartwheels and that's good.
Plus I'm anticiptaing a few pleasant surprises.

The good news?: I'm saving money :)

Post by rammiepie March 9, 2011 (75 of 253)
Rang, you're hardly alone in that department as we ALL have personal favorites which we'd like to see released, as well....and the real frustration is that a lot of reissues are for the third time around for some SACD so many other more worthy titles are being overlooked.....but unfortunately, it's not up to us to make these decisions and I suppose we have to accept that fact, gracefully. In time, I'm sure that will change, also.

Post by michi March 9, 2011 (76 of 253)
Ok guys. I got the nod on some prerelease stuff I can say here.

This is NOT the "big one", But it's coming nonetheless.

MoFi, but we did it at the SA Center (Gus Skinas of course)

MoFi UDSACD2069.

ELO - Out Of The Blue.

It's stereo, yes, but, listening to it, I promise it will NOT be disappointing.

This is NOT the only one coming, and there is, still, some amazing Stereo+MCh stuff on the way.

Just to stop the 'hint cycle' ... I'll post more info as I get it.

Michi - SA Center Boulder CO

Post by rammiepie March 9, 2011 (77 of 253)
As usual, thank you, Michi.........Also, when can we expect the already announced Verve Titles from AP?

I'm sure the ELO title from MoFi sounds great but IMO should've been multichannel. Will MoFi EVER produce mch titles again?

Post by soundboy March 9, 2011 (78 of 253)
michi said:

MoFi UDSACD2069.

ELO - Out Of The Blue.

It's stereo, yes, but, listening to it, I promise it will NOT be disappointing.

ELO's "Out of the Blue" is pictured as an upcoming MoFi release (no format mentioned) in the latest Music Direct sales flyer.

Post by michi March 9, 2011 (79 of 253)

I'm not sure about the future of MCh with MoFi... That's certainly up to MoFi itself... I can however, A) ask the folks involved directly, and B) relay the want and concern. We're exploring options for a way and a few ideas we have to link the "sacd/dsd" listener community closer to the production of the titles, (in re: what gets produced)and as far as what's wanted; so stay tuned for that.

Wasn't aware that MoFi already announced at least the title on their mailing list, however at least I can verify that it is going to be SACD. Again I'm checking into what else I can talk about. Just want to give info that I can actually dispense from here on in. I can say there are *more rock/classic rock titles on the way from MoFi*, and that *MoFi is NOT the only label with SACDs in the works.*

-- For MoFi, there are several titles coming down the line beyond the SRV discs that have been announced, beyond this ELO title, Beyond 'The Band - Stage Fright' (announced long ago), and beyond the Carole King title Alan lists below.

Post by Alan March 9, 2011 (80 of 253)
Musicdirect also announced this MoFi release:

Carole King The Carnegie Hall Concert: June 18, 1971

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