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Discussion: Isaac Schwartz: Yellow Stars - Spivakov

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Post by raffells May 25, 2005 (1 of 2)
anyone know anything about this disc,,please

Post by Windsurfer January 1, 2006 (2 of 2)
raffells said:

anyone know anything about this disc,,please

Well I just got it and listened to it for the first time last night:

1) I sure am glad I bought it. On my system it sounded like a big orchestra in a big hall and I was sitting maybe 8 to 10 rows back. Even though I usually try to find seats further back, this was really wonderful!

2) The music is sort of a Russian Jewish version of something John Williams could have written had he the ethnic origins and knowledge. Although Shostakovich was a mentor of Schwartz, there is no aping Shostakovitch here - the music is all Schwartz's and is an "easy listen". Please don't let that comment put you off - it is thoroughly worthwhile listening.

3) As implied by 1) above, I really liked this piece, despite generally not liking Klezmer music. I believe 2 movements of this piece do employ the style of Klezmer, but in this context it is quite appropriate.

4) I read the program notes after listening to the work. The whole thing is sobering, makes you think, and perhaps suffer a little (vicariously of course). Makes you wish there had been some way to avoid the horrors of WWII and of Stalin.

5) I recommend you buy it. It is a source of a kind of an ineffable knowledge everyone should share.