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Post by zeus July 29, 2003 (1 of 1)
In response to a query on this issue:

All composer names in the database have been "normalized" to those used in the Penguin Guide. Specific examples are Rachmaninov (not Rachmaninoff), Prokofiev (not Prokofieff), Shostakovich (not Schostakovich) and Desprez (not des Pres or des Prez). The search engine uses fulltext searching so alternative spellings aren't really an option. I could add these to the relevant title entries in question ... but then I'd have to do this for all. If someone searched on "Rachmaninoff" they could leave with the impression that those returned where the label spelt it that way were all there was.

Anyway, now that I've added this post here, future searches (that have the Forum selected as well) will return this post so hopefully this will be sufficient to alert people to the practise.