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Post by nucaleena October 13, 2003 (1 of 2)
Good to see that Chandos are now releasing SACDs simultaneously with new CD releases, - rather than some time after. It happened last month with the RVW 6th and 8th symphonies but I thought that might be just a happy one-off. However, they've done it again with this month's Faure requiem and will do it again next month with the release of Vaughan William's "Poisoned Kiss". Excellent news and another encouraging sign of commitment to the medium as well as an obvious belief on their part that the market is taking off.

Post by Dinko October 14, 2003 (2 of 2)
If I remember correctly, Chandos posted on their message board a couple of months ago that SACDs would from now on be released simultaneously with their CDs, and if they did not come out simultaneously, that meant that there would be no SACD version.