Thread: Channel Classics going single-inventory with forthcoming releases

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Post by nucaleena October 13, 2003 (1 of 2)
I've just noticed in this month's Gramophone that Channel Classic's confirmed policy now is that all new recordings will be recorded in DSD and released in SACD hybrid format. As Channel SACD's currently retail at the same very reasonable price as their redbook cds anyway, no one's pocket will suffer. It'll hopefully provide place more pressure on those majors who operate dual inventory/dual pricing (like Sony and Universal) to become more competitive if the "minors" aren't to pinch all their classical sales.

That policy note appeared alongside two announcements of forthcoming (SACD) releases on Channel: (1) Ivan Fischer and the Budapest Festival Orchestra have signed a deal for 3 SACDs a year and are currently recording the Rachmaninoff Second Symphony; and (2) the (New) Amsterdam Sinfonietta are laying down performances of the Verdi string quartets (I always thought he only wrote one) in their chamber versions and the Tchailovsky Souvenir de Florence (also in the more commonly recorded chamber version rather than as a sextet).

Post by zeus October 13, 2003 (2 of 2)
I just checked Gramophone's site and Jared missed out on "Record of the Year 2003". His Stravaganza got "Best Baroque" and made it to the short list which is great for a small independent label. Perahia's Chopin Etudes got "Best Instrumental".