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Post by rammiepie November 19, 2009 (1 of 3)
Did you know that Pete Townsend was working on a 5.1 mix of Quadrophenia but grew bored! That Robert Fripp had NO desire to revisit the King Crimson catalog but was bowled over when Steve Wilson (of Porcupine Tree fame) presented him with a 5.1 mix of "Elephant Talk" from Discipline which prompted Fripp to jump up and down in his chair. That Tom Petty is seriously considering remixing Damn the Torpedoes" for 5.1 as well as releasing his new album in 5.1 (blu-ray has been bantered around). For 10 consecutive pages, the December '09 issue of SOUND AND VISION enticed its readers with "possibilities." Steve Wilson went on to list 20 classic rock albums which would benefit from Surround encompassing artists as diverse as Kate Bush (Hounds of Love), Abba (Arrival), Jethro Tull (Thick As A Brick), to Lep Zeppelin IV, Japan (Tin Drum) to Frank Zappa (Joe's Garage, Acts I, II & III) and Prince {Sign of the Times), XTC {Skylarking), Radiohead (OK Computer) and Talk Talk (Laughing Stock). The Key word here is "enticing" the individual artists to take the plunge. Steve Wilson is available and willing but it's convincing the artists, themselves, to revisit their works and give the go ahead. The record companies may put financial considerations first and foremost, but the involvement of the Individual artists would certainly give the music business the major shot in the arm it so despertately needs at this juncture of RBCD and downloading LIMBO!

Post by The Seventh Taylor November 20, 2009 (2 of 3)
It's fantastic to have someone like Steve Wilson express these ideas.

I would instantly buy most of his top 20 albums remixed in surround and actually have some of those albums in the top of my own SACD wishlist. Heck, I hardly care about stereo SACD (Talk Talk: Spirit of Eden is one of the few I've got) and would even buy Laughing Stock on stereo SACD. It's one of the few albums in my substantial vinyl collection that I care to switch on my turntable for nowadays.

I so very much hope he can persuade more artists to let him work/cooperate on their music (and their labels or records companies to finance this).

Post by terence November 20, 2009 (3 of 3)
rammiepie said:

Did you know that Pete Townsend was working on a 5.1 mix of Quadrophenia but grew bored!

PLEEASE pete reconsider!!!!