Thread: The Sixteen release their own-label SACD

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Post by nucaleena October 2, 2003 (1 of 1)
Have just noticed that a disc which was listed on this site as being "not yet released" has gone on sale just this week. It's a new recording by the Sixteen, the excellent choir led by Harry Christophers(*).

The reason that this release is especially good news is that the disc has been released on the choir's small, co-operative, own-label, Coro. I have no idea whether it was recorded using DSD or PCM, - if DSD then it'd be great to see a small co-operative outfit using DSD and making SACDs. I wonder if Linn was involved ? (they have an association with the choir). Even if it's a PCM, remastered, it's still great to see a choir releasing its own SACD.

Maybe those LSO SACDs other contributors have speculated about aren't too far away after all. Is this the wonderful sound of momentum building??

(*) (For those who may be interested the disc is called "Music for Monarchs and Magnates" and it includes Tallis' majestic, wonderful 40-part motet, "Spem in alium" and motets by Gibbons, Byrd and Tomkins).