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Discussion: Audite - Sampler 2006

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Post by Shakespear777 March 1, 2009 (1 of 1)
The various demos in the beginning don't excite me and becomes tiresome after the first few playing. I do enjoy the disc itself very much and while I don't I have the vocabulary to describe why I like it in technical detail, I can say that like other discs I've liked there is clarity and variety. I know that when it comes time to load up my five disc Sony CE595 that I'm happy when the Audite 2006 Sampler has its turn. I have a respectible system to play though and except for home theater with lots of crashes and booms, I've given up on the sub (which I paid a pretty penny for). This album was one of the first that helped me realize I don't need all that bass. In fact I started using the "pure direct" mode on my Denon 4306 which eliminates all the peripheral circuitry to enhance sound thereby producing a very high quality result. So again this album helped me to realize I don't need a lot of embellishment to make this music enjoyable. So without the proper vocabulary, I hope this gives an idea of what I think of sonically.
Now as I am listening as I am writing the variety itself is so very pleasing that I know I can just sit back and enjoy with little or no prospect of boredom. Its a plenty good disc in my mind for more than one reason.