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Post by zeus September 10, 2003 (1 of 2)
Once you're on top of current releases, you'll probably want to see new titles as they're added to the site. Check the "Recent Additions" page (accessible from the bottom of the home page or directly at I added 16 titles today so some weeks are busier than others! If you're interested in a title which is flagged "Not yet released", simply add it to your wish list. You can then monitor the vendor links for information on local availability. As the title becomes available for pre-order/order from a supported vendor, the link will automatically appear next to the title in your wish list. You can also click on the title to check for reviews, discussions etc.

There have been a number of requests for including "release dates". This assumes that I have access to this information. Unfortunately this is a mammoth task, made all the more difficult by the fact that actual release dates vary around the globe. For example, Universal Classics titles are often released in the US months later than in Europe. The more relevant question is likely "when will this title become available from the vendor(s) I normally buy from". If you check the provided vendor links, they'll generally show a release date ... and update this date should it change (which it often does). They may also provide additional resources (abstracts, sound samples etc.) which greatly expands the scope of information accessible from the title entry here.

Anyway, I hope this helps!


Post by zeus September 12, 2003 (2 of 2)
Ack! I had to expand "Recent Additions" to two pages. They're coming thick and fast at the moment.