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Discussion: Bucky Pizzarelli: Swing Live

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Post by Khorn August 10, 2003 (1 of 2)
Posted by Tream in review:


That is beleive it or not just the problem with this disc...TOO MUCH dynamic range TOO LOW average levels for reproduction in a "normal" home environment.

The levels are so low on ambient (audience voices) and soft instrumental passages (bringing out good bass definition) that when played back at levels loud enough to bring out this information, when drum shots hit or soloists step up they can be heard a block away.

The recording itself is accurate but REPRODUCTION with a system of wide dynamic range becomes REPLICATION of live club levels not suitable in a smaller (than club sized) room.

At home I want to reproduce live levels AT MY SEATED POSITION not ACTUAL LIVE LEVELS played at the club.

Other than that, yes, this is a great disc but the above can be a problem. Unless your system "compresses" the sound, if you can clearly hear them discussing taking the photograph at the end of the disc, then some of the music is going to be too loud for most home listening.

Post by Tireguy August 11, 2003 (2 of 2)
I am so curious about this disc I just ordered it and will let you know what I find. After all I do enjoy his son's music(John Pizzarelli) but his music is just the opposite its so subdued and laid back and very easy to listen to at nearly any volume except LOUD.