Thread: Threads Fading "Into The Back Pages" or By By Topic, Been Good To Know You!

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Post by Khorn August 7, 2003 (1 of 3)
I guess the one main problem that I see with this particular format is discussions "Fade Away" if not immediately posted to. Unfortunately, as we don't have a large user base, it make take some time for threads to be replied to and "down the list they go! Sort of the converse is also true 'cause if we had a really large user base there would be so many new threads many would be "pushed" to the back pages too quickly as many more new ones would probably be introduced daily.

Under present circumstances it might take a while to keep a thread going. Anyone have suggestions as to how to organize threads to prevent this problem or, am I just viewing this from some warped perspective???

Obviously this doesn't apply to the "Linked" Title discussions.

Post by Dinko August 7, 2003 (2 of 3)
Increase number of threads displayed on forum index page.

Post by zeus August 7, 2003 (3 of 3)
Dinko said:

Increase number of threads displayed on forum index page.

I'm not sure there is a simple solution to all this. The page size is governed more by what will fit on a typical screen. I'll play around with the spacing to see if I can fit more in without it looking cramped. At the moment there's about 3 or 4 days new threads on the first page so it's not too bad. Title discussions you'll find easily because they're linked to the title itself. And there's search above.

The way I envisaged it is that people would take a look at what's topical then maybe use the "Show new posts in last" selection above. This sorts all posts in descending order. So if you visit once a day/week, you just start reading until you hit stuff you've read before, skimming over topics that don't interest you. If you click on the topic it will take you to that thread, with the post in context.

Anyway, the design is pretty fluid and I have made provision for storing threads in different subject areas. I only spent a week on it as this is all I can really afford at this time. I looked at quite a few implementations and tried to take the best elements from them, while keeping it all as simple as possible. The integration with the title discussions and search were more important to me than providing a fully-fledged canned solution.