Thread: 1615 - Gabrieli in Venice SACD/Blu-ray (w/Atmos) Coming November 6, 2015

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Much of Giovanni Gabrieli's music composed for grand ceremonial occasions what. 2015 marks the 400th anniversary of not just the publication of this collection of works from 1615, but the 500th anniversary so of the completion of King's College Chapel. The Choir celebrates thesis anniversaries with The First Classical Album ever to use Dolby's new Atmos technology, Which uses ceiling-mounted speakers to reproduce the acoustics of the Chapel with unprecedented realism. This recording pays homage to one of the most influential musicians of the Venetian Renaissance from within one of the great buildings of the English Renaissance. As well as being principal organist at St Mark's Basilica, Gabrieli was a prolific composer of sacred vocal and instrumental music. The early Brass Ensembles For Which Gabrieli composed are no longer to be found performing in St Mark's Basilica, but this tradition is alive and well in Cambridge. The Choir is joined by His Majestys Sagbutts & Cornetts playing faithful recreations of instruments from Gabrieli's time. The Choir is one of Britain's oldest musical institutions, but has always been committed to innovation in pursuit of excellence. This, the first classical album to be mixed and released using Dolby's new Atmos technology, Provides a three-dimensional experience like no other: the new surround sound encoding includes height information as well as width and depth to offer a truly immersive sound experience , This recording will be released in Both SACD and Pure Audio Blu-ray format. The release will be Accompanied By on extensive international press and marketing campaign, Including international launch events, as well as a video trailer.