Thread: Membran: "The Royal Philharmonic Collection": has anybody heard it on surround?

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Post by Claude October 5, 2015 (11 of 11)
hiredfox said:

and in only 44/16 PCM to boot... they sound truly awful.

Apparently, the recordings were made in 20bit

"20 Bit Digital Recording, Editing and Mastering via 32 Bit Digital Sound Processing (DSP) Sound Recording Technology, England."

But it's not sure what material Membran was provided for to master their SACDs.

If Membran hadn't released SACDs, most people here would never have heard of this label. It's a company that looks to get music at no or little licensing cost and then releases them on cheap discs with generic artwork and liner notes.

For some strange reason, they decided to make SACDs, and make them multichannel, independently from the number of channels of the source material. It looks like they just load everything into a audio workstation that outputs 5.1 DSD.

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