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Discussion: The Beach Boys: Pet Sounds

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Post by unknown October 2, 2015 (1 of 1)
to analogue, the only person to review the single layer sacd of "pet sounds." thank you so much. this might be the only really bad expensive sacd or any other type of the millions i've spent on all music items in a lifetime. i tried callind cd japan where i bought it. i finally got through. i told him on the lable it said "mono." he said where did i get that info another music sight. i said no, it's on the lable. he said it was stereo. i told him the sound was much worse that the 2002 dvd audio i have. they did post my comments. i'm not buying the sacd hybrid, i'm waithing for the blu ray. amazon has the sale date as 1915. someone at amazon with a sense of humor. not possible. try to find a phone number to call them at. i dare you. anyway, analogue i agree with every word of your review. it is so nice to find someone out their who's feeling are the same as mine. worst bang for the buck ever. still waiting for surf's up and holland. phil