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Post by werdon September 11, 2015 (1 of 3)
For me it is a pity that on the actual growing number of titles is no longer shown.
I kept record of this since March 2005. Every time it passed a hundred new SACD titles I noted the date. With this info it was nice to see the increase in the growing number of titles over a certain period of time.
I sincerely hope that for the time being a decrease in releases will not be yet (seen) at the horizon.

I also like that people discuss rumours about certain plans in the forum. For instance about new SACD releases from a band and the wish for more. Pink Floyd is a good example. “when will The Wall be released on SACD” .
A search through the forum would come up with some answers – maybe not the answer you’re looking for, but better than nothing.
Search in Forum is no longer supported in the old site Seems all gone with the new site. I miss that and would like to see it return in the new site.
I hope it does.

Post by soundboy September 11, 2015 (2 of 3)
I have a thread over at on this topic since 2011 as well:

I am due to update, if possible, at the end of this month. For 2015, the projection is currently at over 1,000 SACD releases, including re-releases of previous SACD titles. Which, I think, makes it the biggest year in SACD, in terms of releases.

Post by Ad Rhenum September 12, 2015 (3 of 3)
Ah, numbers!

The public library of Rotterdam, Netherlands claims to have Europe's largest music collection (on lp and cd). Among them are nearly 4000 hybrid sa-cd's. According to the year of release/purchase, as on their website their purchase per year were:

2000: 7 (1)
2001: 2 (2)
2002: 22 (12)
2003: 153 (78)
2004: 320 (171)
2005: 398 (243)
2006: 378 (279)
2007: 381 (307)
2008: 362 (292)
2009: 368 (333)
2010: 316 (290)
2011: 285 (257)
2012: 267 (252)
2013: 243 (226)
2014: 258 (241)
2015: 144 (134) (first half year)

Most of their collection is classical (± 80%), no imports, mainly new recordings (exept remasters from Pentatone and Praga). These numbers are probably a better representation of the popularity of sa-cd then the number added per year on this site.

edit: between brackets the number of classical music recordings made in the 21st century