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Post by Polarius T August 30, 2015 (1 of 36)
I was planning to put for sale a big part of my hyper exotic, super rare, ultra OOP, mega desireable SACD collection (due to moving house and an attempt to economize on my time as I get older), but ran into a new eBay rule that involves a ceiling on how many items one can sell through them within a certain period of time, or worth how much one can do that (both ridiculously low: 10 items or, was it, worth 1,000 bucks per month...).

That is, unless you can verify your bank account through PayPal.

But that you cannot do unless you live and have your bank in certain countries only:

What PP tells me as I try to log in to do what eBay tells me to do is this: "The country that your PayPal account is registered under is not supported by PayPal's bank confirmation process. You can log in with a different account or create a new one registered in one of the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom and United States."

(So, obviously I don't live in one of those countries.)

And then I cannot log in for the purpose.

Naturally, I cannot create another PP acct that would be registered in one of those above countries since neither my nor my bank's address is in any of them. And there does not seem to be any other way to raise your limit except this (confirming your bank acct through PayPal, provided you live in one of the countries listed).


Anyone know to suggest other avenues (to raise your selling allowance/ceiling)? (Apart from Amazon.) Or has her-/himself encountered & successfully sorted out this issue in some other way?

Your reward will be access to near-unfathomable riches of otherwise unavailable SACDs and other top-tier discs, both classical and jazz (and some pop/rock for Rammiepie and company).

I have a substantial selling history but it's been like 3-4 years since I did away with my previous batch. I wrote to eBay already but expect nothing but bureaucrateaze in return mail.

I wanted to sell about 200-300 discs. Spread the wealth!

Thanks a lot.

Post by rammiepie August 30, 2015 (2 of 36)
Polarius T, the only other alternative other than Amazon is to start listing some of those discs over at QuadraphonicQuadforum.

Unlike, though, it is mainly pop/rock and jazz oriented with little interest in classical which I'm sure constitutes the majority of your collection.

Since I've never sold anything through either ebay or Amazon I have NO expertise in this matter.

I would intimate that the various Amazons might be a better venue but I have NO idea what percentage they take as a reward....or the restrictions they place on their vendors.

A daunting task to be sure.

Post by cpwheeler August 30, 2015 (3 of 36)
Have you looked at I think they have an auction service. There are several older Universal titles I have been looking for if you may happen to have them.

Post by sylvian August 31, 2015 (4 of 36)
Welcome into new Bolshevism! /The practices you have ascribed is the sheer bolshevic-domain! E.g. the way current state of casino-capitalism heading to!

it is easier to put your items in a list and distribute it over e-mail addresses provided by the users of this site in their profiles, Konrad.

Just do it and wait for the responses with offer prices. I will be definitely interested! But do not expect I would offer much more than initial price when the item was released.

I do not follow ebay practices and I rather sell my items locally through local sites.


Post by ArTourter August 31, 2015 (5 of 36)
I have had good experience buying from users on I don't know too much about the rules as a seller but there is a lot on there. The are very picky about the exact version of the release you are advertising but for SACDs and such is it not much of a problem as there is usually only one.

Post by hiredfox August 31, 2015 (6 of 36)
I've sold a few on Amazon but of late they have to put it bluntly "got right up my nose" by repeatedly asking me for personal information that I am not willing to give them, required as part - they say - of their seller verification programme which has to be updated to meet international anti money laundering regulations. Because of my "lack of co-operation" they have suspended my seller account and frankly I am in no mood to do their bidding just to get it re-instated.

e-Bay is hopeless as nobody wants to pay the price and you lose too much to Paypal and the host on the way.

It was one of Zeus' more remarkable idiocies not to allow us - his customers - to swap and sell surplus SACD on here. He could always have charged a fee to offset any imagined losses from us by not buying virgin copy from one of the site links which most of us do anyway. I for one would have been quite willing to pay an up-front fee to have become a privileged Club Member who had restrricted access to a "Mart" section of the website.

Post by sylvian August 31, 2015 (7 of 36)
U belong amogst those who are very picky about the version of the particular release, but not for RED FACE POLYDOR or some similar kind of stuff but due to dynamics of the recording.

I am currently getting rid of the past 200x RBCDs (so called remasters) which sound awful (even on headphones).

Post by hiredfox August 31, 2015 (8 of 36)
sylvian said:

it is easier to put your items in a list and distribute it over e-mail addresses provided by the users of this site in their profiles, Konrad.

Just do it and wait for the responses with offer prices. I will be definitely interested! But do not expect I would offer much more than initial price when the item was released.


I like your idea very much so why don't you pick it up and run with it? Worth pursuing for sure so we just need a centre of operations. Pricing should be left to individuals but common sense and our shared sense of passions and values should mean most will act sensibly.

Post by sylvian August 31, 2015 (9 of 36)
PP is free to use for everyone.....there is no need to couple the trasaction with ebay infringement. You can sell your money to practically any e-mail address and still you are protected. So clearance-centre could be PP. And if Konrad is the seller he need not to bother with restrictions - via PP you can send money wherever you wish to except for totaliarian regimes destinations.

And after PP and ebay split up their businesses there should be no problem accepting money from around the globe.

Post by Polarius T August 31, 2015 (10 of 36)
After a lengthy chat session with an eBay UK rep at a most inconvenient hour (they cannot be emailed but must be called up or chatted with during a few early morning hours when you and everyone else will be at their busiest at home and at work), I managed to get rid of the limit. True stupidity and idiocy and thuggery from their part: I just said I want to sell more, and they said OK, will oblige gladly, no reason whatsover not to. Not sure why they then set these limits to begin with, with no consideration of the case(s) involved.

Anyhow, thanks for the intriguing suggestions. Best would be to have a marketplace linked to this site, but you know. For now I am a bit in a hurry so the eBay thing (one-week auctions) will have to do (we are moving soon and I need to lighten the load).

So if you are interested, go to eBay, search for, for example, "penderecki credo sacd," "mravinsky esoteric sacd," "ansermet falla esoteric," "souzay debussy sacd," "smetana quartet japan sacd," "haskil mozart sacd," etc. etc. and you will find me and my constantly growing list of for-sale items (there will be new items put up weekly if not daily or even twice a day -- I only got started just now). I try to keep a not too large but very diverse batch up there at all times, so if you don't find anything that intrigues you, check back soon again. There's always more to come, both rarities and more ordinary things of all sorts.

But be sure to have your search setting in Worldwide, as I'm registered at eBay.UK, posting items for sale at in the US, but a resident of neither country.

Cheers and thanks again,


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