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Post by Marpow October 20, 2015 (11 of 12)
Arell said:

To these two ears, Blood on the Tracks is the one to go for if you want surround. The music envelopes you but without any gimmicks, it's just clearer than ever.
Silver medal goes to Blonde on Blonde. The drum crack that starts Like a Rolling Stone is fabulous, followed a blink of an eye later by the organ. (Oh, it's past 11.30 pm here. I can't wake up the family, can I?) And that's the first second only. The conclusion is magic: Sad Eyed Lady hugging you sonically from all around.

I have heard by others that Blood On The Tracks is clearly a good one in surround, while others are so/so depending on who you talk to.

Thanks for your input, it does help.

Post by keskitalop October 22, 2015 (12 of 12)
Just now listening again to Slow Train Coming in multichannel. I have say it is a wonderful, immersive surround mix.

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